The mid-season finale left us with a bit of a cliffhanger; John was left with a gunshot wound in chest in the sewers with a demon headed right for him whilst Ann-Marie escaped with the captures babies. Meanwhile, Zed was having some trouble of her own as she got kidnapped by people whom we find out were sent by her father leaving us with a few questions unanswered. So what happened afterwards? Well, too at least my own personal relief, John is aided by Manny who actually decides to help him out this time. He escapes the sewers and makes his way back to the convent. When he eventually does meet up with Chas again, John tells him that he invited a demon called Pazuzu to possess him as a way of surviving and the only way to get the demon out of John is for them to perform an exorcism on him.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Zed is tied up in a car on the way back to who we’re told is her father. Something I really enjoyed with this particular sequence of the episode is how we get to see how absolutely terrified Zed seems to be of her dad. So far in the season she’s come across as a really tough woman who doesn’t budge for anyone and isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone either, even John, but it becomes very clear that her dad for some reason absolutely petrifies her. It’s nice to see characters with depth in them and that they’re not just as straightforward as they seem to be from the beginning and Constantine does this really well.

Nevertheless, after some applied force and spilled blood, Zed manages to escape her capturer just in time to get a phone call from Chas who asks her for help with John and the exorcism so Zed, rather willingly hops on the next flight to Mexico. The rest of the episode is focused on getting Pazuzu out of John with the rather unexpected help from Ann-Marie with a bit of persuasion from Zed. Eventually, not without some hardship and emotional battles most of all from Ann-Marie who still feels the guilt with everything that happened back in Newcastle (we also find out she got John into the occult), John is exorcised and the demon Pazuzu is vanquished. Ann-Marie quickly leaves Atlanta and John, Chas and Zed are left with realising the battle they’re about to face will be a lot tougher than perhaps they first thought it would be.



Things I liked about this episode was how Chas actually ended up calling Zed for help and how they worked together to help John. We got to see a somewhat more authoritative side of Zed when she tried to persuade Ann-Marie to stay with them and help instead of just running away. I also liked that we saw a very vulnerable side of John when he is possessed by Pazuzu which clearly heavily affected him mentally and physically. It makes an important point in how powerless John is without the ability to perform magic or exorcisms. That, despite everything, he is still just a mortal human being. It does kind of make me wonder what will happen when John and Chas does eventually find out what happened to Zed or if they ever will at all.

However, this wasn’t my favourite episode of the series and I feel like we’re not getting any closer to finding out more about the rising darkness and how to fight the actual villains of the series. Wheras I do like Constantine, don’t get me wrong, I also feel like it’s treading into uncertain territories and there’s not really been a talk of renewal so far so there is absolutely no telling of what will happen to the show. It would be a shame if it got cancelled because it does have a lot of potential but all the same if that did happen there’s a chance it could perhaps get picked up by Netflix and they could turn into something better as they have done with other shows.

We’ll just have to see what lies in store for John, Chas and Zed and I don’t know about you but I will still be watching it.