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Jasmine talks about Constantine 1×08 – Saint of Last Resorts

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“She must be desperate to come to me.”

This mid-season finale of Constantine sends John and Chas to Mexico where they help an old friend of John with a mystery at the convent she’s enlisted at. It all starts off at the hideout where John and Chas have a conversation about Zed’s powers that seem to be back after the events of the previous episode. John’s told Zed he’d much rather she stays with him and Chas so that he can keep an eye on her and make sure she is alright, which shows once again that despite their banter and his sometimes harsh words towards Zed, he cares about her and realises there’s more to her than what there seems to be. Whilst they are having conversation, a woman shows up at random in the hideout, asking John for help and John reveals that this woman is a girl called Ann-Marie who used to be a bit of an old lover of his. It turns out as well that Ann-Marie isn’t physically there with them, but that she’s used a form of astral projection if you will, to contact John and that he is the last person she would ask for help but she had no other choice. She gives John an address but tells Zed to stay put because she’s still weak and doesn’t want her to get hurt again.

Upon arrival in Mexico, John is somewhat shocked to find out that Ann-Marie has converted into a nun and joined a convent and she tells him she did so because she could never forgive herself for what happened in Newcastle and this was the only way she could think of to redeem herself. She tells John and Chas that a new born baby was stolen from a mother who was killed during the kidnapping. After some research into the events and with the help of some magic, John manages to find out that the name of the demon responsible for the kidnapping is called Lashmatu. Lashmatu is a demon that happens to like feeding on new born babies. To find out more about this demon and the baby it took, they go to visit a woman named Pia, the great-grandmother of the kidnapped child. She almost at once tells John about La Brucharia are a group of warlocks that John believes were killed a long time ago but the old woman Pia, tells him that it’s all a lie and they’ve only been hiding and that’s when John realises that La Brucharia are in fact the rising darkness.

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“Father wants you home, Mary. Our believers are everywhere, we will always find you.” 

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Zed runs into Eddie, the guy from her art class that asked her out and they finally go out for drinks. Zed decides to bring him back to the hideout and he seems to be impressed and tells her that she must have some pretty interesting friends that live there. It all seems to be a date that goes well and just as it looks like things are about to get romantic and intimate between Zed and Eddie, she kicks him in the back and pushes him up against the wall and asks him why he’s following her and who it is that he’s working for. Eddie tells Zed that her parents want her back and refers to her as Mary. He tells Zed that they her back because she is their salvation and just as things couldn’t get worse, two more people show up unexpectedly. A man and a woman, and the man seems to be carrying some sort of tranquilizer to use on Zed. Zed threatens that she’ll hurt Eddie if they don’t back off but as a result the new intruders kill Eddie within in the blink of an eye. Zed makes a run for it but unfortunately doesn’t manage to make it far and ‘they’ get to hurt.

Back in Mexico, John, Chas and Ann-Marie set a trap for the demon Lashmatu but it doesn’t quite go according to plan. Whilst they manage to rescue the stolen child and John casts a spell that eventually does vanquish Lashmatu, they end up getting trapped by a second demon (or creature) that crawling the walls towards them and when Ann-Marie asks John what to do he tells her that they can’t do anything. If they run they’re as good as dead anyway. When John turns around, Ann-Marie is aiming a gun at him with the baby in one hand and shoots him in the chest. John collapses and Ann-Marie makes a run for it whilst the demon closes in on John.

To me, this was one of the best episodes of the season so far. It was exciting and constantly had me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next. All three main characters were in it and all three of them got some screen time which is nice to see. Both cliffhangers were exciting and extremely heartbreaking. Will John survive the shot to his chest and if so how? Maybe Manny will really be useful this time because if they need him to fight the rising darkness then surely it would be an advantage to make sure that John stays alive? And if he does survive and finds out Zed has been missing will they go search for her to rescue him? I know John’s said he’s only keeping her around because they need her but I can’t help but to think there’s more to it and John might be heartless at times but I think he does genuinely care about Zed and wouldn’t want any harm to come to her. Not to mention he would finally get his questions about her past answered and as would we. I for one can’t wait to find out what happens in the next episode.

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“No price is too high to save the innocent.”

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