What We Know:

1. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg will make their debut in the DC Cinematic Universe in this film.

2. Bruce Wayne will be in his late 40’s to early 50’s.

3. Batman will have aleast two different suits during the course of the film.

4. Rage outbursts will be a key flaw of both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

5. Scoot McNairy may be playing a crippled Jimmy Olson who lost his legs.

6. The final act of Man Of Steel causes a domino effect which leads many of the film plot points.

7. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luther will be a much more multilayered villain and “complicated”.

8. Academy Award & Golden Globe Award winning actress Holly Hunter has been cast as a political figure in the film.

9. The film wont be tied to the CW shows Arrow and Flash due to how producers feel it will restrict creativity for long term plans.