Here is what we do know about the recent Deadpool footage that was leaked.

1. The footage was real. Rob Liefield, the creator of Deadpool in 1990, has confirmed this on Twitter. It was just test footage though. These things are done for all movies all the time.

2. This footage was made years ago. Some time before 2012 when Tom Rothman (CEO of Fox Entertainment) was still in charge. That’s what the line “HI Tom” was at the end of the footage.

3. There is currently no green lighted Deadpool project YET. Fox owns the rights for Deadpool and they haven’t confirm that there is anything being produced right now. I’m sure it’s much easier to green light another Xmen, Fantastic Four, or Spiderman movie.

Although Rob Liefield did say that he wouldn’t be surprised to see a Deadpool movie in the next 5-6 years. But that brings up a whole slew of issues. Could Ryan Reynolds nail it as Deadpool or produce another flop like Green Lantern? How can they make Deadpool PG-13 without destroying his character completely?

Regardless, we hope Fox gets their crap together and produces a Deadpool movie. Deadpool is one of Marvel’s top grossing characters and one of our favorites.