Nicole went to the midnight premier of The Catching Fire. So here are her thoughts on the newest installment of The Hunger Games franchise:

I am not tagging this with SPOILER because it is a movie adaptation of a book. SOOOOO you can deal….

There were 25 minutes of previews and there was an audible groan before the next. The previews included The Hobbit and Vampire Academy (both were REALLY good).

The audience erupted at Haymitch’s response to Katniss/Peeta pregnancy.

The bread scene was all but forgotten from the movie.

I hid in my shirt during the Katniss/Cinna prep scene because I didn’t want the next part to happen.

The fog scene was difficult to sit through because you knew what was going to happen at the end.

The scene on the beach was the only time I wasn’t completely dissolved into the story line, there seemed to be a barrier there.

The tree/electricity movie scene made A LOT more sense than the book leads on.

The Katniss/Peeta wedding wasn’t mentioned, which was weirdly annoying since it’s a prominent feature in the book.

The runaways didn’t exist in the movie.

Finnick was poorly cast and scripted; it wasn’t what it needed to be.

This movie ended with Katniss learning that Peeta isn’t in 13. Remember, they are turning three books into four movies. So Mockingjay will be split into two halves.

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson spent plenty of time shirtless, so that’s always plus.

Jennifer looked AMAZING as Katniss

Elizabeth Banks gave Effie a human quality which had to happen after the announcement of the Quarter Quell.

Once more Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz gave outstanding performances 99% of the time.

My Review – If it had been just the movie with out a book, it would of been a solid crown (3/3). Since I already had read the book and very familiar with the series, I give it a half crown (2/3). I felt there were many pieces of the book missing from the actual movie.

I am going to see it in theaters again? YES

Jena Malone is AMAZING. The End.

Review Submitted by Nicole