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“Cooking Companions” The Visual Novel that Combines Dating, Cooking, and Horror

Cooking Companions is a dating sim mixed with psychological horror title set in the deep forests of the Tatras Mountains currently in development by Deer Dream Studios. What sets this title apart from other virtual horror novels is the lack of jump scares, unnecessary gore, and complete dead ends. Deer Dream Studios states they are bringing this genre back to the good ol’ days and focusing on intricate sound design, the crippling fear of the unknown, and building a sense of dread within their audience.

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Can You Overcome the Mystical Puzzles and Shuffled Memories That Await You In The Crown of Leaves?

The Crown of Leaves is for sure a great arcane quest that you don’t want to miss. If you’re a fan of anthro animals, mysticism, a good adventure, or all three, I’m certain there’s something here for you to enjoy.

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An Updated Look at the Updated Winds of Change

t’s been a while since I’ve talked about Klace’s new visual novel game, Winds of Change, and thanks to it entering Early Access on Steam I’ve been able to purchase the game and experience it for myself, finally…

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Winds of Change is Klace’s Latest Fantasy Anthro Adventure

An in-depth look at Klace’s epic upcoming fantasy adventure game, Winds of Change. Come check it out!

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Meet Furry Game Developer Klace Husky

An awesome interview with Klace Husky on his two games, Major\Minor and Winds of Change, as well as some insight into the development of these two titles as well as their inspirations.

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