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TGON Reads: Rhythm of War

Brandon Sanderson further maps out the Roshar segment of his Cosmere in his newest novel, Rhythm of War. This fourth installment in the Stormlight Archive brings new twists in the ongoing war between the Knights Radiant and the...

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TGON Reads: Foundryside

Foundryside is presenting us not with the standard copy of Merrye Olde Englande, but with classical, sophisticated political states.

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18 Books To Read in 2018

As 2017 grows shorter, the reading list grows longer! Here’s our top eighteen (in honor of 2018) new releases to check off on the calendar.

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TGON Reads: The Lamb will Slaughter the Lion

This book provides a chilling read for an afternoon. The setting feels natural and textured. The atmosphere remains thick with tension. The pace remains fast and steady up until the very end. I only complain that I didn’t have more to read.

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