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TGON Reads: The Luminous Dead

The darkness of the cave allows Gyre to flex her senses of taste, touch, and smell, when sight fails her. The use of all senses – even smell – to explore the cave makes an unknown world feel terrifyingly close.

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TGON Reads Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You

Revels in procrastinated youth, sloshy college rock, and hilarious tearing apart the starving artist romance.

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TGON Reads: Dark Constellations

Dark Constellations skillfully marries cyberpunk themes and classic magical realist style in a seamless, natural flow.

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TGON Reads: All Our Wrong Todays

I had a to-do list the length of my arm, but All Our Wrong Todays happened. The minute I got home from work I had to pick up this book to finish what I’d started the night before. All Our Wrong Todays, written by screenwriter...

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