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Portlandia: S08E10 “Rose Route” Review

This is the series finale of Portlandia, and if there was any theme put into this episode, it would probably be continuation.

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Portlandia: S08E09 “Long Way Back” Review

Not every episode begins with a musical number, but when it does, it’s usually a sign of magic.

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Portlandia: S08E08 “Peter Follows P!nk” Review

The theme of this episode seems to be the use of information. Whether you keep that information to yourself, or spread it to other… Yes, I might be reaching with this theme, but it’s the only one that made sense to me.

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Portlandia: S08E07 “Most Pro City” Review

The theme of the week seems to be about problems, and how we deal with them.

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Portlandia: S08E06 “You Do You” Review

I was never bored during this episode and was laughing through most of it. It’s such a clever episode, which plays to the strengths of the subtle absurdity that this show is known for.

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Portlandia: S08E04 “Open Relationship” Review

Over all, if there was a theme of this episode, I’d probably say it’s disappointment, because all of the sketches had to deal with disappointment in a humorous way.

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Portlandia: S08E03 “Abracadabra” Review

This is probably one of the better episodes of the season so far. There’s nothing that reached the heights of the “podcast”, or the “sexism in the work place” sketches, but all the sketches were great, and maintained a certain quality.

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Portlandia: S08E02 “Shared Workspace” Review

If there was a theme for “Shared Workspace”, it would probably be “When good causes go wrong.”

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Portlandia: S08E01 “Riot Spray” Review

So this is it! The final season of Portlandia. You know it, I know it, and the episode knows it, though it doesn’t directly tell you.

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