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Weekly Comics Pull; 7-25

While not as galactic in size as Star Wars or as epic as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice, Jim Henson’s contribution to the world of fantasy was and remains a touchstone for countless children of all ages. Though distinctly different, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are clearly related, at least in thematic threads. While Dark Crystal is the brooding goth sister of the family, Labyrinth was the more outgoing and silly of the two, complete with song and dance. While David Bowie’s Goblin King Jareth had his menacing moments, he’s still the same tyrannical despot wizard that gave us “Dance Magic”.  

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Weekly Comics Pull; 7-11

There’s a certain joy in the camp that comes parceled with early horror movies, the stuff of drive-in theaters, outsized insects, creaky special effects and bizarre plots. B-movies are a treasured touchstone of American cinema, but they tend to fall flat on the screen, weighed down by canned shrill strings or hamfisted acting. In the first of five books, Rob Guillory’s Farmhand neatly sidesteps that pitfall with beautiful stylistic flair. The plot is pure pulpy Saturday matinee goodness, but Guillory’s writing is offset with his evocative but distinctly loose and cartoonish style. It creates a dissonance in the reader even as they’re reading classic B-movie power moves.

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