Author: Larryn LeFaye

“Surviving The Game” Movie Analysis

A man desperate to find a means to a better life, finds more than what he bargained for.

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“Balto” – Zero To Hero

Dealing with a history of rejection, Balto learns to love himself, which helps him to achieve a life full of recognition and admiration.

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“Hercules In The Maze Of The Minotaur”

Hercules travels with Iolaus to seek out the devious Minotaur, and in his discovery he unveils a dark secret…

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“The Swan Princess” : Is Beauty All That Matters?

A movie that proves love is more than just physical attraction …it’s more like a puzzle that’s “possible” to complete.

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Rudyard Kipling’s: The Jungle Book

A review of “The Jungle Book” (1994) version while focusing on the difference between humans and animals.

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