Author: Larryn LeFaye

“James And The Giant Peach” (1996)

James. a young boy, escapes his cruel reality by creating a new life, …inside of a giant peach.

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“The Last Unicorn” (Based On A Novel)

A unicorn, on the break of extinction, must save the other unicorns before it is too late…

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“Escape From New York” (1981): The Island Of Lunatics

On an island where chaos thrives, one man must face the odds alone to complete an impossible mission.

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“Big Trouble In Little China” (1986)

An Underworld beneath Little China holds many secrets, and the only way to overcome them involves breaking an old curse.

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“Heathers” (1988): A Sin-ister Tale

When popularity drives you mad, there’s only one way out… Through chaos of course!

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