The 2023 Her Universe Fashion Show hit the runway, showing San Diego Comic-Con some gorgeous looks. 

Her Universe is a well-known brand by the average Hot Topic and BoxLunch shopper. The brand was founded by Ashley Eckstein, an actress long linked to the beloved Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano. Her Universe creates fashion for fangirls to stylishly wear in sci-fi and fantasy fandom spaces. 

For the past nine years, the Her Universe Fashion Show has celebrated geeks through fashion. 2023 was no different. This year’s theme 100 Years of Disney celebrates the impact Disney has on animation, art, and fashion. 

The show opened with the newest clothing lines of Her Universe featuring Star Wars, Star Trek, and plenty of other titles. They are currently available on the Her Universe website.

Eckstein made her appearance in a whimsical black gown with LED film strips circling her. A highlight reel of iconic Disney moments played from it. With great pride, she announced that the show is in compliance with SAG-AFTRA and supports the strikes affecting everyone. 

Broadway star, actor, and co-host Michael James Scott provided multiple outfit changes throughout the show. These looks were inspired by Genie, Darth Vader, and the Infinity Gauntlet. Besides slaying on the runway, Scott also gave musical performances throughout the show. He sang songs from Cinderella and Aladdin the Musical, where he currently plays Genie. 

The Her Universe Fashion Show

Despite the star power of the co-hosts, the real stars of the show were the 25 finalists who showcased their creativity and sewing prowess to bring their visions to life. 

Before presenting their outfits, the contestants talked about what inspired their outfits, the challenges they had, and their vision for the outfit. They strutted down the runway, showing off their final product to those in attendance to win the grand prize: the opportunity to create a clothing line with Her Universe and Hot Topic, celebrating Disney’s centennial.

Entries included homages to National Geographic, James Cameron’s Avatar, The Muppets, the MCU, Star Wars, and of course Disney animation and parks.

The two winners, Raeven K and  Rachel Petterson won over the judges and audience with their inspired looks. Raeven won with her Mistress of the Elements gown inspired by X-Men. Rachel won with her Totally Minnie gown inspired by Minnie Mouse. 

We look forward to seeing the clothing lines Raeven and Rachel will design with Her Universe.