Extraordinary and unusual images have always riveted the attention of people. This is a mesmerizing sight when a person is dressed with taste, as well as when the elements of his clothes combine the era of old times or a unique fantastic style. I even want to shake hands with a person who knows how to see beauty in such costumes. The fantasy style is very aesthetic and mystical, which is why people love it so much. This is the sophistication that combines important elements, and in combination with makeup and hair, you can generally embody your favorite image in reality.

The beauty of fantasy style

The fantasy style is not only elves, gnomes, and fairies. In general, this style covers a huge number of characters from literature and mythological works. Fantasy costumes are characterized not only by unusualness but also by an incredible variety of details in clothes. Fantastic style can be easily identified in a suit because common features can be traced in all images. Most often it is the clothes of the Medieval period, something vintage or gothic. Many modern designers have long seen some kind of zest in this style, as they began to create dresses and suits with elements of something fantastic. What is the most preferred?

  • fitted styles;
  • suits with an emphasis on the chest (i.e. deep neckline or completely closed neck);
  • tight corsets and corsages with lacing;
  • fitted V-shaped bodice.

Also, frills, flounces, beautiful sleeves, and lace trim are relevant in the image. All this gives the image some incredible romance and originality. The length of the suit can be both mini and maxi.

Most Popular Looks

There are costumes for every person, for any fan of the fantasy world. There may be a mystical elf, an incredibly beautiful nymph or a forest fairy, and magical Alice in Wonderland, a cunning witch, and a beautiful queen. Fantasy outfits are just what you need to emphasize sophistication and a sense of style. This image shows the femininity and uniqueness of the heroines of all fairy tales.

What will help create such incredible beauty?

The corresponding magic image of the favorite chosen era helps to create textiles. So, for example, if the image was chosen as a character from a poor family, then the main preference is given to linen or chintz. If you have chosen for yourself the image of a rich and noble lady, then the textiles will be appropriate – these are cambric, silk, satin, chiffon, lace, and velvet. Do not make “poor” and “rich” images. All of these are gorgeous. it’s just that the main point is that all this is super seasoned and able to convey the overall picture of that era. That is why textiles are given special preference.

What’s with the color scheme?

If this is a strict Gothic style, then it is unlikely that the image needs to be thought out in some catchy colors. You should also not forget that the elven style or fairy looks are something light, airy, and colorful, there is no place for black alone. Dark and neutral colors in an outfit should be diluted with brighter, catchy, and contrasting shades.

Color solutions and combinations can be completely different:

  • black red;
  • green gray;
  • green-yellow;
  • purple-pink;
  • blue-blue;
  • blue gray;
  • blue-yellow.

There are other generally accepted harmonious color combinations. At the same time, it is better to choose a dress, trousers, skirt, coat, and cape in a dark and calm color, and a more iridescent undershirt and vest.

Fantasy costumes are an extraordinary solution to express yourself and show that you know what a sense of style and love for beauty are.

In this outfit you will feel stylish, attractive and confident. Such a dress will emphasize your uniqueness and allow you to stand out. So feel free to order the clothes that you like to create stunning images for the holidays.