The 2017 film Book Club was a revolutionary act in the film industry. It featured four female leads over the age of 65, a rarity in Hollywood. The film starred Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, who were all Hollywood legends. The film was a hit, earning more than $100 million at the box office. It was a rare treat for audiences to see these icons together, due in large part to the genuine good time they had making the film. The film’s themes around deep female friendship resonated with audiences and critics alike.

Real Female Relationships

What made Book Club stand out was the ways in which the characters were written. Rather than pitting them against one another, which never felt true to writer Erin Simms’ experience with her friends, the film showcased real female relationships. The stars of the film responded to the material, and the chemistry was immediate and easy. The film showed women getting along, loving each other, and helping each other, which felt good. It was a refreshing change from the old myth that women are always competitive and there are cat fights. Jane Fonda noted that the film showed women caring deeply for each other who were there for each other. They were truthful with each other, but they weren’t mean to each other.

The Sequel: Book Club: The Next Chapter

The idea for a sequel to Book Club came almost immediately before the first film was even released. The women of Book Club were eager to get back at it, with Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen hatching the idea of setting the sequel in Italy. The screenwriters faced the challenge of figuring out a worthwhile emotional journey to put these women on. The sequel didn’t fall into the trap of making the characters appear clueless about how to cope with changing times or resigned to letting life pass them by. Instead, the women of Book Club: The Next Chapter take chances, make mistakes with abandon, and embrace the adventure. Check out the trailer here:

The Power of Friendship

The themes in Book Club and its sequel Book Club: The Next Chapter center around the power of female friendship. These films show that deep friendships can be formed at any age and can last a lifetime. They also demonstrate the importance of supporting and caring for one another, even when life gets in the way. These films celebrate the joy and beauty of life, even as we get older. They remind us that we can still have adventures, make mistakes, and have a lot of pizazz in us, even in our golden years.


Book Club and its sequel Book Club: The Next Chapter are films that celebrate the power of female friendship. They showcase real female relationships and the ways in which women can support and care for one another. These films remind us that life is a beautiful adventure, no matter how old we get. They demonstrate that female friendships can be formed at any age and can last a lifetime. These films are an inspiration to women of all ages to embrace the adventure of life and to cherish their friendships. Book Club: The Next Chapter arrives in theaters on Mother’s Day 2023.