Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Ep 1-2 Review

Hey everyone, RJ “Jay” Writing Ink is here to ring in the new year with the Game of Nerds, and it all starts with one of the big media franchises of our time, Star Wars. The year 2023 promises to be packed full of exciting new Star Wars content, and it starts with Season Two of the animated spin-off to The Clone WarsThe Bad Batch. I originally reviewed the first season on my blog, but I decided to cover it here. 

For those who don’t know what The Bad Batch is, read my reviews on the first season of this show. Or go check out the ones for the final season of The Clone Wars. Otherwise, I’ll assume you’ve kept up with the show enough for the two-part season premiere. 

The Bad Batch is Back

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Ep 1-The Team Plans a Heist
Source-YouTube, Disney

When we ended last season in 2021, the Bad Batch were presumed dead by the Empire, killed when they destroyed Tipoca City. As a result, Hunter wants to make sure the Empire keeps thinking that while they keep doing odd jobs and raising Omega. However, it soon becomes clear that there’s tension forming in the group, namely with Echo. While the others want to stay off the Empire’s radar, Echo already sees the writing on the wall. The Empire will roll over the Galaxy, make everyone’s lives miserable, and leave them no place to hide. Thus, when Cid tells them of a chance to steal from Count Dooku’s personal vaults, the rest of the squad agrees it’s worth the risk. However, the heist quickly goes awry, as these missions often do.

While seeing the squad sneaking into the personal palace of the now-dead Sith sounds interesting, the story for these first two episodes follows the same formula as much of season one. The Bad Batch gets a mission, then does said mission while trying not to get caught. Rinse and repeat. However, this isn’t what fans should pay attention to when they’re watching. They should be paying attention to the bigger picture.

The Empire Stinks and They Won’t Leave Anyone Alone

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Ep 1-What's Left of Serenno
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Those who have at least seen the main movies know this truth: the Empire stinks, and while there are good people in it, they make the Galaxy worse. Echo’s fears about them getting stronger are perfectly valid, that the Empire will eventually find them and continue their hunt. That scenario will repeat countless times in the decades to follow. There are only two options people like the Jedi or rogues like the Bad Batch will have: hide somewhere they won’t be found or fight. Echo wants to do the latter, so he wants Dooku’s fortune. 

The wealth of Count Dooku is akin to the fabled lost treasures of the losing sides in various wars. The Nazi gold in Swiss Banks or hidden in some mine; Yamashita’s gold; legends of Confederate gold. They’re all sought after because whoever found them would be set for life. Or fund the efforts of another government. Sadly, like I mentioned before, the heist goes awry, and they fail to get the treasure. They do manage to make friends with one of the locals and let Omega know they don’t regret leaving their old lives behind for her sake, but that’s about it.

It’s the ending to the second episode, though, that should draw the most attention.

The Purging of the Clones May Soon Be On Us

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Ep 2-The Empire. They'll Throw Under the Bus
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The most evil aspect of the Empire is, in my opinion, its willingness to discard people, no matter how loyal. It’s the product of being ruled by the Sith and their extreme “survival of the fittest without regard to morality” mentality. Once something’s outlived its usefulness, they’ll discard or eliminate it. And the Clones are no exception.

Despite being the ones who killed most of the Jedi, the Clones were just as much victims in the end. Sidious used them to create his Empire, and once they no longer served their purpose, he abandoned them. The veterans were either forced out of the Imperial forces, relegated to minor roles…or killed.

The final moments of the episode drive home the fact that the Clone’s days with the Empire are numbered. When the Clone Captain files a truthful report about the Bad Batch’s survival, his superior, a normal human, kills him to cover up his failure to kill them. The point’s clear: the Empire has no place for honorable soldiers like the Clone Troopers.

My biggest hope for season two (besides introducing the first TIE fighters) is that we learn the fate of the majority of the Clones. Can the Bad Batch really stand to one side while their fellow Clones get killed? I’m at least hoping the new season sheds light on the fate of well-known Clones like Cody. 

Overall, not a bad start to season two of The Bad Batch. If you are a fan of Dave Filoni’s shows, then you might enjoy this. If not, then wait until March for The Mandalorian. Welcome back, Star Wars.

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I Give “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War” a 3.5/5 Each