Things that surround us are a part of us, and they can talk. They can paint quite a portrait of the owner. The same goes for the things we choose when we want to have fun: are you a beach person or a historical sight person? Movies or dance clubs? An hour outdoors or indoors… If you pick out one option from each pair, we will already have a couple of wide brush strokes to outline your portrait.

Probably, you have already found out who you are in the Harry Potter universe or Tolkien’s world, what kind of dish/cuisine/fuzzy drink/dairy product you are most alike, and whose superhero powers will suit you best. If you are into online gaming, no matter whether you love multiplayer games or online pokies at online casinos, why not check out what your favorite video game says about you?

Take a short quiz to find out a few more new things about your personality (or to read an appraisal of your strengths — if you know yourself too well).


Our quiz might be the simplest and the most difficult to do, at the same time. All you have to do here is to choose which word out of the two is closest to your inner self. Don’t go for the answer that you like more: choose the answers that suit your personality.

In brackets, you will see how many scores each pick will give you.

  1. Methodical (3) or spontaneous (1)?
  2. Decisive (2) or Loyal (5)?
  3. Communication (10) or Concentration (20)?
  4. Thoughts (2) or Feelings (5)?
  5. Outer world (10) or Inner world (20)?
  6. Present (3) or Perspectives (1)?
  7. Analyze (2) or Sympathize (5)?
  8. Experimenting (3) or Looking for hidden meaning (1)?
  9. Expressing your feelings (10) or Keeping your feelings to yourself (20)?

And now it is time to count your scores.


Now, it’s time to count the scores you’ve got: just sum them up. Note that higher numbers are not better than lower numbers and vice versa. They only do one thing — mark different personality types.

Action/Adventure (your total score is between 0 and 39)

Your motto probably is “My life is exciting because there are so many challenging tasks”. You have a good vision of the distant future. You can be an inventor, as there are always a lot of new ideas and projects in your head. Some people see you as a person interested in everything and looking for something unique. Your interest lies in the area that inspires and stimulates your mind and heart, and not the one that guarantees a profit.

The top 5 Action-adventure video games you might enjoy are God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, It Takes Two, The Legend of Zelda, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Shooters (your total score is between 40 and 45)

You are a decisive and determined person. You know how to influence and lead people. Your goals are often huge, and you achieve them no matter what. A flexible tactician, and a diplomat when needed, this person consolidates all the strengths and uses them at perfect timing.

The top shooters for you are Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Doom, Halo, Vanquish, and Overwatch.

Games of Chance (your total score is between 45 and 54)

You are deeply emotional and compassionate, a romantic in heart, artistic, intuitive, and kind of bohemian. 

You can apprehend an impending danger and prepare backup options in advance. You are interested in topics related to mysterious phenomena and love contemplations about the meaning of life, the past and the future.

The best games of chance you can find online are online slot machines, online Blackjack, online Poker, online Baccarat, and Craps.

Platformer (your total score is between 54 and 66)

You are emotional and sociable. You know how to cheer people up. Your most valuable assets are connections, acquaintances, and relationships. Emotions are your area of expertise: you feel what other people are feeling, and you can juggle your own emotions. However, they may change abruptly. If someone puts you in charge of organizing a party, they will never be disappointed.

The top 5 Platformer games for you are Super Mario, LittleBigPlanet, Celeste, Castlevania, and Journey.

Trivia and Puzzles (your total score is between 66 and 75)

Your life motto could sound like this: “You can do everything better”.

You have well-developed logic and great abilities to analyze data and situations. Structures, classifications, and concepts are definitely your cup of tea. At the same time, you prefer ignoring rules or instructions that do not suit your vision. Your superpower is grasping problems and presenting radically new solutions.

The top 5 Platformer games for you are Majotori, Trivia Murder Party, Fibbage XL, Family Feud, and You Don’t Know Jack.

Strategies (your total score is between 75 and 88)

“You gotta do what you gotta do” is your creed.

You are very reliable, accurate, and exact, especially when business affairs are concerned. You always care about facts, laws, and regulations. Will-power, stamina, and diligence are your superpowers. You love explaining how complicated things work. A sober realist, you won’t tolerate meaningless fantasies.

The top 5 strategy video games for you are Dune Spice Wars, Age of Empires 4, Starcraft, Endless Legend, and Command and Conquer.

Role-playing (your total score is between 88 and 100)

You are a curious dreamer, open to everything new, unusual, and beautiful. You can be very persistent and charming, at the same time, especially when a strong desire or goal is driving you. You can impress others with unexpected and sometimes extravagant gestures, jokes, and statements. You know how to console people and cheer them up.

The best role-playing video games for you are The Witcher, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, Dragon Age, and Pokemon.

Sandbox (your total score is between 100 and 115)

Your motto can be “I see and understand everything, but I don’t interfere”. 

You are friendly and pleasant to talk to. You are very considerate of your own comfort and the comfort of others, attentive and caring towards your loved ones. When working in a team, you are most likely to play the role of an intermediary and a diplomat. Beautiful things and a comfortable environment are very important to you.

The top 5 Sandbox games for you are The Sims 4, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, and Minecraft.