Waiting in the movie theater and staring at a blank screen is the worst part of going to the movies. Whether you’re seeing something with friends or just there as a date — it’s not fun to be left with nothing to do. 

The key is to come prepared with some activities you can do until the movie starts. It’s about things that will keep you entertained and engaged with something fun.

While there are a bunch of activities you can do while waiting for your movie to start, here is a list that will help by highlighting activities you can do in the meantime.

1. People Watch

It’s an activity that’s fun and entertaining. You see different people and their reactions when they see other people around them. It’s also a great way to interact with others without feeling awkward or shy. If you’re not good with people, this is something that will help you improve on that skill.

2. Try Out a New App

If you’re waiting for your movie to start, there are plenty of ways to occupy your time. For instance, try out a new app. Many apps out there will help you pass the time. Some of these apps include games and other fun activities.

Some of the best apps for waiting in line are real-time location technology so users can see where others are located at any given time. The technology uses GPS data to determine other users’ locations at any given time. This allows users to find out who is waiting in line with them or who has already arrived at the theater.

3. Play a Game on Your Phone

If you have a smartphone, playing games on it is one of the best ways to pass the time while waiting for your movie to start. There are so many games on the app store, and they all have different difficulty levels. Some games are accessible to anyone, while others require a specific skill or knowledge before they’re even worth trying out.

Blackjack is one of the most accessible games to play and enjoy. You can play blackjack with BTC at any casino online and earn real money while playing.

4. Have a Snack Before the Movie Starts

A snack is a great way to keep yourself from getting bored while waiting for the show to start. It can also be an excellent way to prepare for what’s coming next. If you’ve just finished eating, you’ll probably feel less hungry as the movie starts. 

If you have snacks high in fat and sugar, they may keep you awake longer than usual so that you’ll be better prepared for whatever happens during the movie.

5. Finish Up Some Homework

If you want to finish up some homework while you wait for your movie to start, there are many ways to do this. First, if you have a computer at home or even a laptop with an internet connection, this is the best way to go about it. You can research and learn about different topics that interest you and then use that knowledge in your homework assignments.

Secondly, if you can’t access the internet whenever necessary, there are other ways to complete your assignments. For example, if books are available in your local library or bookstore, you can simply borrow them from there and use them as guides while completing your assignments. 

In addition, there may also be other resources, such as videos or audio tapes, which can help teach you new information related to whatever subject matter is being studied at school.

6. Read a Book or Magazine

Reading books and magazines is also an excellent way to learn new things. You might learn something about the world or what makes people happy. It can also make you think about the essential things in life, such as family, friends and relationships. 

Reading can help improve your thinking skills and build your vocabulary. So when you are out in public or talking with others, they will know what you mean when you say something that seems odd to them but makes perfect sense.

Reading can also be an opportunity to learn about other cultures and countries. For instance, Reading about diplomatic ties might be something you think about doing to help you understand what other countries are doing and how they view their relationships with one another. You might even find some interesting information that has nothing to do with diplomacy.

7. Check Out Social Media on Your Phone

It’s been a long week, and you’re ready to sit down, grab some popcorn, and watch your movie. But before you do anything else, take a moment to check out social media on your phone. Not only will this help pass the time while waiting for the movie to start, but it will also give you something productive to do.

Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay connected with friends and family during the day. You can also use these sites to keep up with news about movies or TV shows that interest you. If any films or shows are coming out soon that you want to see, check out their trailers or clips on YouTube or Google Play Movies & TV.

8. Chat With Whoever You Went With

If you’re going to the movies with someone else, you might as well take advantage of this time to get to know them better. Start by asking them about their favorite movies, who their favorite actors are and what kind of snacks they like. Then, ask them about their life goals and dreams for the future. You may also want to ask them where they want to travel someday or what kind of car they would like to buy if money is not a concern.

9. Research Cast Members of the Movie You’re About To See

You’re about to see a movie. You’ve made it to the theater and are waiting for the movie to start. You want to be prepared for what you’re about to experience, so you look up information about the cast members appearing in this film.

Doing this can help you better understand the characters and their motivations. It will also give you more insight into what kind of movie you’re about to watch.

For example, watching a comedy, you might want to know who wrote the script and what other films they have written or directed. If they have a lot of credits under their belt, then chances are good that they know what they are doing when it comes time to make a funny movie.

If there is an actor that has worked with one of your favorite actors in the past, it might be worth checking out their work as well.

10. Listen to Music or Make a Playlist for the Movie You’re About To See

Ninety per cent of your time spent in the theater will be with the sound off, so use this downtime to create a playlist that matches the tone of the movie you’re about to see. If you see an action flick, try putting together a collection of songs that complement each other and make you feel like you can take on anything.

 If you’re going to see a rom-com, create a playlist full of love songs and music from past movies that have been turned into modern-day classics. If something specific about the film gives it its flavor, then go ahead and build your playlist around that one theme.

Get That Fun Before Your Movie Starts!

One of the trickiest parts of a movie-going experience is the wait. There are the lines, and then you have to choose between standing in them or sitting on hard, uncomfortable seats. 

And if you get to your seat early, there’s nothing for you to do until the previews start. Don’t let all this time just go to waste. You can stretch it out with fun activities that keep your mind engaged until it’s time for the movie to begin.