Released on Steam in a closed beta on September 16, 2022, Omega Strikers has been turning heads as a potential new competitive Esport. It is a cross between a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and a Soccer game similar to Rocket League.

In 4 minute games, players are pitted against each other in a 3 versus 3 setting on a 2D field with the objective of getting the single puck on the field into the opponent’s goal. The first team to 5 points by 2 points wins; games could go overtime if the points scored are even by the end of the 4 minutes.

However, there are more nuances than the basic objective of the game. First, there are characters to choose from, each with 3 different abilities and a basic attack to be able to hit the puck. Each character has their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. These abilities have two purposes, one is to hit the puck and the other is to deal damage to the opposing team.

All players have HP (hit points) and can be knocked off the map on all sides of the playing field. Lowering a players HP to 0 staggers them, making them more prone to being knocked back and off the map. Knocking a player off the map takes them out of the game for 6 seconds, giving the opposing team a man advantage to be able to score a goal.

In random places on the map, there are also random orbs spawning around the map that if picked up, heal HP, restore abilities cooldowns and give experience toward the next level. Talking about levels, each player starts at level 1 and through scoring goals, hitting the puck, and picking up orbs, characters to can level up in the game to a maximum of 10. Levels are not hugely important but do increase the damage to players more and increase the power they can hit the puck with, effectively making the puck travel faster.

The final nuance to the game is that before going into the game, players can choose three effects to their character to enhance the way they want to play. For example, if a player wants to play Goalie, they will pick more defensive power ups like making their body slightly larger or making them tougher to knock back.

At face value, the game looks and feels somewhat simple, but diving deeper into the game, there is a lot of room be become skillful at the game and strategize with your team to best make goals. On top of this, another reason why this could be a promising new competitive game with tournaments and professional scene is that Omega Strikers is made by former League of Legends Developers.

As the game currently stands, there are 10 different characters to play with 4 unlocked for all players. In-game currency is easily obtained by playing games and completing challenges therefore players should be able to unlock all 10 characters within a few hours of playing. New characters will be released into the game every 2 to 3 week which is promising sign for the growth and continued development of the game.

For those who are interested, how to actually get into the open beta is somewhat annoying. Either have someone who played the alpha give you a steam key or watch participating streamers on for two hours and claim the game through twitch drops. While it is a free game, it cannot be downloaded off the steam store. Also, as an honorable mention, there are microtransactions/in-game real money purchase that allow players to purchase character skins as well as emotes and badges to customize player profiles. All characters can be purchase with real money or in-game currency and there is no major content that is locked behind a paywall.

All in all, it seems to be a good game and it is a very small download so it should be able to run on any PC. There are also plans for the game to come to mobile once it is fully released, but since it is still in beta, the mobile version of the game is still a while out. If you have a PC and some time, this could be a fun new game for you try and maybe even play competitively.