N.C.C. 1-7-0-1. No bloody A,B,C, or D.
-Captain Montgomery Scott

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701
credit: Wikipedia

The U.S.S. Enterprise: Flagship of the Federation and the only true love of Captain Kirk. But what do we KNOW about the Enterprise exactly?? The U.S.S. Enterprise is a Constitution-class Starship with the ship registry NCC-1701 that was launched in 2245 under the command of Captain Robert April. The name “Enterprise” was selected to pay heed to a long-standing naval tradition. It was constructed at the San Fransisco Fleet yards in San Fransisco California, but the ship was actually assembled in space. Captain April oversaw construction of its components, while his wife Sarah designed many of the tools used in the sickbay. and Larry Mavrick was one of the designers of the ship itself. The Enterprise left dry dock on April 11, 2245. Johnathan Archer, one of Earths first great explorers and captain of a predecessor ship to Enterprise, was reported to be in attendance.

Admittedly not much is known of Captain April’s command of the vessel. However it must have been an extremely prosperous tour of duty as he was recognized as one of Starfleet’s most decorated commanding officers and potential “mentor” for Commander Saru who asked the computer on the U.S.S. Discovery for help being a better Captain when he was left in command. A few years later we see that April has been promoted to Admiral and stays in close contact with his old first officer on the Enterprise, Christopher Pike.

Some time during the 2240’s Christopher Pike was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as First Officer and by 2250 had been given command of the ship. Four years after taking command, Captain Pike and Enterprise had a somewhat hostile encounter with a group of powerful telepathic aliens on the planet Talos IV. During a rescue effort ships power was transferred down to a stationary cannon on the surface and even at that early stage of ship development it was still stated to be enough to destroy a continent. During the Klingon War of 2256-2257 Admiral Katrina Cornwell said that Enterprise and her crew represent the best of Starfleet in response to being asked why the ship was kept out of the conflict.

In 2257 Enterprise suffered numerous catastrophic systems failures and required towing to a spacedock with no estimated time for repairs to be completed. It was eventually determined that the holographic communication system was to blame and it was subsequently removed, and at the request of Captain Pike, permanently. Later in that same year Enterprise participated in the climatic battle against Section 31 and its rogue A.I., Control, to stop it from using a plethora of data to evolve and threaten the entire Milky Way Galaxy. During this battle Enterprise deployed many smaller support ships and provided cover fire, along with a Klingon and Kelpian support fleet. Following this battle Enterprise had to return to Earth to undergo extensive repairs for the damage it sustained in the battle.

After repairs were completed Enterprise resumed her mission of exploration once again. Its first destination was Edrin II to investigate a new moon that had been discovered there. In 2259 the ship was undergoing scheduled maintenance when Admiral April ordered her to proceed to planet Kiley 279 and investigate the disappearance of Commander Una Chin-Riley. Towards the end of 2259 Captain Pike received a visit from a future version of himself from an alternate timeline and, due to the events of that, took an interest in a young officer named James T. Kirk…