As an ambitious student, if you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of finding good, affordable books. Not only are the college booklets quite expensive, but finding something that fits your criteria is quite challenging to find. Knowing all that, you’re probably indecisive about which resources to invest in when seeking extra help.

If you’re finding yourself in a pickle, I got the perfect combination of writing books for you. These will support you throughout your college years and even afterward whenever you need a pick-me-up. These will not only provide you with a successful academic career but make your learning process much more enjoyable. 

Help for Scholarship Essay

If you’re an ambitious student, you have not only applied to top institutes. Still, you are likely to be fumbling for any scholarship opportunities. Unfortunately, a solid book doesn’t really exist on how to write one. As writing this essay might be the fine line between losing and getting a grant, it’s essential to ace it. Hence, when you’re having problems with it, a scholarship essay writer will help you resolve these issues. Not only will your paper be stellar, but it’ll vastly increase your portrayed academic expertise. Also, you won’t have to invest in a book which you’ll only use 1-2 times.

Must-Have Academic Writing Book

They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing is a beautifully-constructed book on how to approach the academic aspect of writing. The way of tackling this resource depends on your level as an academic writer. If you’re new, read through the whole thing, and use the templates offered as a good starting point to kick it off. However, if you’re already quite proficient, aim to skim through it for references and notes. The templates in the book can lead to what is known as “template writing,” where students stick to a specific style instead of branching out.

Tips & Tricks from a Top Writer

Have you ever heard of the best-selling author, Stephen King? Well, his novels focus solely on horror stories. However, he’s known to be one of the most skilled at what he does. After he got into a car accident, he decided to write a book for others who needed help and advice. The book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft illustrates how he carried on living and his styles of writing. He also has sections about his life and advice for others on how to live theirs.

His brief section revolving writing states that every person owes to have their own toolbox of knowledge. It should contain vocabulary, grammar, and a specific style. He then goes on to illustrate how to write beyond the mere fundamentals. This is a fantastic resource if you’re intrigued about the whole process authors to go through. He delves into the plot, dialogue, and how to pace the story, then talks about seminars, publications, and how to properly revise your piece.

Books to Find Your True Self

While this article aims to provide you with resources to boost your writing, we cannot simply neglect the power of mental health. Students in college struggle with stress, anxiety, and depression daily. It’s often overlooked over time, but a suitable method of finding yourself through hardship is reading. These are excellent books on how to find out who you indeed are. Some include The Power of Habit and How to Talk to Anyone. This allows you to branch out beyond the academic aspect of college and excel in your own way.

Best Grammar Resource

I was once terrified of the grammar aspect of writing. Not only did it cause many issues in my writing, but it made me doubtful about my own skills. If you’re in the same boat, check out Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English. It’s the ultimate guide as it eases your approach into the best writing style you can have. From punctuation to writing styles, you’ll be showing off your skills in time. It enables you to tackle the major issues you might have in a much more simplistic manner.

Conclusion: College Writing Books for Ambitious Students

While choosing which books to settle on is tricky, finding the ideal one to use for life is vital. The books recommended above will not only help you during college, but they’ll stick around for whenever you need them. Using such resources allows you to branch out from the typical routine you fall into college.

Moreover, learning the necessary fundamentals of different writing styles will come in handy. Whether polishing off your research paper, writing a novel, or collaborating with others, these will be your guide. Don’t forget to focus on your own journey, as success in writing involves finding your style and rhythm. 

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Evelyn Montoy

A writer herself, Evelyn spends her day reading whatever she can get her hands on. She loves reviewing new ones she finds. It allows her to share the wisdom she learns through them. Her policy is that everyone needs to get into the habit of reading, especially if they want to better their writing skills.