JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK, a pioneer in movie fan sites with over 11M subscribers and 7 billion views across 13 channels, has officially launched its previously announced full-length movie channel.

JoBlo, which generated over 2.2 billion video views across its YouTube network during 2021 and managed to increase its revenues by 130% over that same period, has rebranded JoBlo Movie Trailers (which currently boasts over 2 million subscribers) to the JOBLO MOVIES Channel.

To kick off the new venture, they’ve struck a content deal with premiere indie horror distributor TERROR FILMS. JOBLO will distribute over 100 movies from the TERROR FILMS library and a select handful of movies from their sister label, Global Digital Releasing. The deal will also include exclusive premieres for select new releases. The channel currently streams several films, including fan favorites such as Hell House LLC 1 and 2, Blood Born, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Boggy Creek Monster, and Garlic & Gunpowder (among others), with plans to roll out new films weekly.

“We are very excited to sign this deal with Terror Films as we believe the YouTube landscape is hungry for such films, and we believe that the combination of their fun horror movies and our movie-loving audience on YouTube is a match made in online heaven,” says John Fallon, Director of Original Content and Acquisitions for the JoBlo Movie Network.

JoBlo will be celebrating its 25th anniversary online next year. One of the main reasons it continues to exist and thrive today is its focus on movie fans and its ability to shapeshift with the times and trends. “When I started writing movie reviews in my parent’s garage back in 1998, I never would have imagined that all this time later, I would eventually become a film distributor myself, but here we are….”, said Berge Garabedian, CEO and founder of JoBlo Media Inc.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with JoBlo. Between our recognizable brand in the horror genre, coupled with their ability to market and distribute across their vast network of channels and built-in fan base, this was a perfect fit.”, said Joe Dain, President of Terror Films/GDR.