The last I had heard about The Orville was during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. It was there that Seth McFarlane (Ed Mercer, creator and executive director) revealed that season three would be the best one yet. It was expected to be released in 2020. However, due to circumstances out of their control, it was released in June of 2022. While this season has not finished yet, I was excited to share some thoughts with you. Therefore, I am here today to tell you that the hype was warranted, and I have adored every second of The Orville: New Horizons.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Season Two Finale Recap

Various vital points happened throughout season two. Therefore, this will be a small recap of the finale. About a year after the original timeline was altered, the Kaylon took hold of most of the galaxy. Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) met up with Ed and Gordon (Scott Grimes) and explained how her botched memory wipe royally messed up the timeline. After obtaining the necessary protein to proceed with the memory wipe, the Orville returned to space. Unfortunately, John (J Lee) attempted to access Isaac’s memory banks, which exposed the ship’s location. This allowed Kaylon to close in on our heroes. Claire (Penny Johnson Jerald) went to the past to wipe Kelly’s memory. In conclusion, it was successful, and supposedly the timeline was restored.


The Orville: New Horizons is the best season out of the three. Episode one was much darker than I had anticipated. This episode was somber and character-driven for a show that used to be full of comedic relief. Overall, it was beautifully executed and caused the series to shift tone. Episode two took the series on an even darker turn with the sci-fi horror feel. Although there are bits of comedy throughout the season, it feels less like a sci-fi parody. The Orville has always shared a special place in my heart. However, the show feels like it takes itself more seriously. In the end, this is the best thing to have happened to this series.

Odds and Ends

In the end, if you want to return to The Orville for a thrilling adventure, go to Hulu. At the time of writing this article, the season has not concluded yet. New episodes are out each Thursday.