Source: The Timeless Child | Official Steam Page

The Timeless Child is a 2-player puzzle adventure game. The game is a co-op, meaning that the players are working together to solve the challenges before them. However, there is a twist – the players working together are operating at different times.

One player takes the role of Emily, a young girl trapped within a temporal cell. The other player takes the role of Chris, a skilled hunter. Anything that Emily does is technically in the past. This means it will influence the world Chris is in, as he is in the present. With these differences in time, it is up to the players to solve the puzzles together and help Emily escape.

Currently, it is the prologue of the game that has been released. However, this means there will be more content that will be released in the future for puzzle-lovers and lore-readers alike.

Other Features Include:

  • Unique viewpoints and worlds vary and change depending on the character chosen and the decisions that are made.
  • Challenging and unique puzzles that will test your description, communication, thinking skills, and partner.
  • The answers as to why Emily is stuck lie within the manor. Will the two be able to save Emily and discover the real reasons behind what has happened to her?

The Timeless Child is free to play and is available on PC. The official website can be found here. If interested, check out the trailer below:

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