Source: Have A Nice Death | Official Steam Page

Have A Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike where you take the role of Death. Death is overworked, his employees are running rampant, and now he can’t take his vacation days. There’s only one thing for it – pick up the scythe and remind them all who’s the real boss.

One of the key parts of this game is playing as Death means there is no death. This means players can take what they have learned from their previous experiences in game and use it again, and again, and again. While this does mean that bosses will be challenged over and over (with differing dialogue), the new abilities players unlock can then also be utilized in these deathly duels.

Other Features Include:

  • A fast-paced hack-n’-slash fighting style.
  • A dark yet charming environment – with the game being entirely hand drawn.
  • A diverse cast of memorable characters – from pumpkin headed assistants to employees that are real jerks.
  • Over 30 unique weapons and spells that can combine for devastating combinations.
  • Performance reviews after each run that unlocks new upgrades to help with the journey.
  • The ‘Curse’ System – an upgrade for Death can also mean a different upgrade for the minions and bosses you face in the future.

Have A Nice Death is currently available in Early Access on Steam. The official website can be found here. Interested? Then check out the trailer below.

Will you be trying Have A Nice Death? If you already have, what are your thoughts on the game and it’s coming-soon expansions? Let us know in the comments!