Video games are so much fun. I tend to be a little picky though. A new game, Mortal Online II dropped on November 23rd of 2021. The crafting sounds so much fun as does the customization. For those reasons, I would love to play but the game is only PVP and you can lose ALL of your stuff. While my husband doesn’t mind it, it would drive me crazy since I am usually squishy.

Since I won’t play the game but wanted to share it with you, I voluntold my husband he was helping (since he plays it anyway) and he roped our friend Rick in also. Truly, neither minded. They both love games and this game too. My husband’s name is AJ and obviously, Rick is Rick. Let’s see what they have to say.

Andie: What are the pros and cons of the game?

AJ: Pros: Housing character customization, crafting, and map size. Cons: Fighting mechanics.

Rick: Pros are: the graphics are amazing, the controls are intuitive. I have to go through the motion to attack. To shoot my bow I have to draw the string, aim, and let go. The scale of the world is immense. On foot it will take you hours to cross the map horses will make it quicker but will still take a while. The customization is awesome with what paths you chose, gathering, processing all of it combined is impressive especially because you have to choose carefully. The rewards specialization.

Cons: Other than the technical issues on the launch, the customization of character cost. You must specialize because you are not given enough points to generalize your skills. For example, when you think of the traditional knight they can fight in all types of armor with a variety of weapons either mounted or on foot, but you can not recreate that in-game because you are not given enough points. The game rewards and penalizes specialization. The consequences of specialization, for example, the mounted archer, a devastating bowman on a horse. A group of them can dominate in battle. As soon as they lose their horse, they are not as effective as foot archers because of the point requirements to become a mounted archer. Also, annoying things like a shield not stopping an arrow. One more thing, there are not enough penalties for RDKs. There should be more penalties so you must be more selective with killing. Lastly, it needs better tooltips would be helpful.

AJ: I like that you have to hardcore specialize

Andie: What should be improved first?

AJ: Technical issues such as items disappearing, long cue times, and the bugged animals. The bow aiming needs to be adjusted a bit too.

Rick: The bugged animals. It is frustrating when trying to farm them and they are glitched or reset.

Andie: What is your favorite part of the game?

AJ: Character uniqueness. You can be whatever you want to be. If you want to be a pure crafter you can. It won’t go well for you but you can. Take my character for instance. My character makes bows and is an archer but my back story is that I am a lumberjack and a hunter. I only go to battle only when needed.

Rick: Honestly looking at the scenery. It is gorgeous. The combat is fun too.

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Andie: What is the gameplay like?

AJ: It is difficult. There is a learning curve. You, Will, die. You can’t turn the PVP off.

Rick: Well, back to earlier when I was talking about the intuitive combat. I also like the program combat system. You have to learn to use the systems and I like that you do. However, the combat system is kind of clunky. Someone with training will see that.

Andie: How about my favorite part? The character customization. What is it like?

AJ: It is very in-depth you can choose the usual eyes, hair, and stuff but you can choose their lineage. You get to chose the grandparents’ races on both sides which affects your parents, which affects you. Ultimately it affects your stats.

Rick: Character creation is in-depth. You can choose your parents’ parents. You can be anything. You can be a hunter-gatherer, combatant, or a hybrid. You’re not locked into it. You can reallocate those points if you don’t like something or get tired of it, whenever you want. Once you unlock something it remains unlocked.

Andie: Is there crafting? What is it like? This is my other favorite part.

AJ: Yes there’s crafting. You can craft millions of different things. Take bow crafting, you can make it a single material or a composite one, a combination of two. It uses a percentage of each material which affects the quality and stats. Other professions can get even deeper than that. You can choose hilt material and style and more just to make a bow.

Rick: There is so much crafting. You have cooks, weapons smiths, armor smiths, and pet smiths. Cooks cook, obviously. It has all the things that go with it. Do you want to butcher your own stuff, grind your grains? You can do all that. Discover recipes of all kinds. Armor smiths and weaponsmiths are self-explanatory. Pet smiths are smiths for pets. A pet smith can make horse bags and bear bags to make pack animals. They also make horse armor and I am sure this will expand. Now there is lore. Lore makes your product quality high. If you have high meat lore your meat dishes will come out better. Study as you go and your lore goes up. Reading books will help too.

Andie: What are your overall thoughts?

AJ: Definitely better than the first one. The mechanics are the same but more refined. The graphics are stunning. I like that I can stand on a mountain and see for what seems like miles and I think it’s a great game for people who want to live a differently life for a while.
Rick: The game, as is, needs some tweaking because it is a new game but once all the bugs are fixed this game has great potential.

So, given what they said, does this game interest you? Do you already play the game? Do you agree or disagree with the guys? Oh, I am leaving a trailer down below for you to check out. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!