The hype surrounding eSports is growing exponentially as new events and tournaments are announced every year. The FIFA eChampions League was held remotely this year as each player participated from their hometown. It is one of the three major events on the road of EA SPORTS FIFA Online 4 Series. This tournament includes 8 competitors from different countries. The player names include Caccia, EthxnH, Oliboli, NEAT, OliverPN, OliverNoleReal, Kaan, and HezerS. The players competed against each other in a one-day event with continuous matches. There was a qualifying round, Lower Quarter Finals, Lower SemiFinals, Upper SemiFinals, and GrandFinals. After the match, we found our FIFA eChampions League winner, OliverPN.

Many FIFA eChampions League fans who love betting on the eSport games didn’t see this coming. According to bookmakers, the top two players with the highest odds were Mkers Olibooli and EthxnH. But the new champ, OliverPN, dominated every match, successfully engraving his name in the hall of fame. Just imagine the determination and skills you need to defeat defenders in your debut match. This may seem impossible for the average Joe, but for OliverPN, it was a piece of cake. Below, we will share some information about this remarkable eFIFA player.


Oliver, aka OliverPN, is a 17-year-old footballer from Denmark. His real name is Provstgaard Nielsen, and he’s a prominent player from Vejle Boldklub academy. The club managed to reach the top tier in Danish football in 2020. Nielsen has a bright football career, and his performance at the center-back position was outstanding in Denmark U18s. He impressed the international audience by scoring a magnificent goal in his debut match. However, when this famous Danish defender couldn’t play in his national team, he managed to join FIFA and showed some remarkable skills in the eChampions League 2021. He underwent cruciate ligament surgery, and he won’t be able to join the field by September.

OliverPN wins eChampions League 2021

Many Esports FIFA enthusiasts consider OliverPN’s victory as an unexpected win. But, the way he performed in the game was remarkable. He had complete control throughout the tournament leading his way to the finals. OliverPN isn’t the first professional footballer to win the eSport FIFA and ranked number one. But Trent Alexander-Arnold and James Madison also impressed the crowd on the virtual pitch. But, we need to admit that OliverPN is the first player to win a major tournament and take back home prize money of $75,000. Nielsen showed his mental strength by ending the first game with a lead of 2-1. His 1-1 in the second game was enough to hold the winning trophy. He is the real underdog because of the organizations that back him up. As a result, his name is going down in Esports FIFA history.

Let’s take a look at how he performed in FIFA 2021. Nielsen joined the main event of professional FIFA through big gates. In the qualifying round, he finished all his matches with a remarkable streak. The headline in the news showed “a young football player finished the qualifying rounds without losing a match.” In the semifinals, he was up against EthxnH, who is a prominent player as well. However, Nielsen was able to show his competency without giving a doubt of a fluke. He dominated EthxnH in two games leading the score with 5-1. Whether EthxnH wasn’t having a good day or he couldn’t manage to compete against this young footballer: that’s up to the audience to decide. In the Finals, Oliver competed against Caccia and won the match by 3-2. If you want to start a career in eSports, you’ll need some guidance. Fortunately, you can learn plenty of tips from this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

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