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Eset or Aset (the more common spelling), is who the Greeks called Isis. Egyptians called Isis, Eset. Eset is the goddess of magic and healing. Another feather in her cap is being a protector of women. The Romans believed Eset had power over fate. She typically wore a throne upon her head. The name Eset translates to Queen of the throne. Osiris being her husband and King of Egypt, Eset is Queen of Egypt, as she should be. Eset is quite often seen wearing wings. She was considered a powerful goddess.

Sometimes she was depicted with a vulture headdress on which belonged to Mut. She was also sometimes shown wearing a sun disc between two cow horns which is Hathor’s headdress. As her worship grew she took on more traits of other goddesses and so her power grew. Eset’s Mother is Nut, Goddess of the Sky. Her father is Geb, God of the Earth. Her siblings are Osiris, Set, and Nephthys. Her husband is Osiris, God of Fertility and the Dead

Eset loves Osiris so much. They have a romance to be envious of. Set killed Osiris by tricking him. He bound Osiris in a chest and threw him in the sea. Isis searched the world. Finally, Eset found him. She revived him with her healing magic. Set found out and was furious. Set located Osiris and chopped him to bits, flinging his pieces far and wide. Eset found everything except his manhood. With her magic, she made him whole and wrapped up mummy style. Nine months later she gave birth to Horus. Osiris went into the Underworld and left Eset to defend herself and Horus from Set. Eset raised Horus to avenge Osiris against Set. When the moment came that Horus was about to kill Set, Eset showed pity to Set. Horus beheaded her for her traitorous change of heart. Magic restored Eset’s head. Eventually, Eset and Horus made up. Finally, Eset went to be with Osiris to live out eternity.

I think Eset is my favorite deity in the Egyptian pantheon. Anubis happens to be my daughter’s favorite. Who is yours? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…