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Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity has soared recently, with large names such as Asmongold taking to the MMO. With the increase of coverage and popularity, it’s no wonder the game is seeing many new players. However, it can be intimidating to jump into something already so big – so this article aims to help you overcome that with some tips.

Don’t Worry About Character Stats

For some people, character customization is everything. Something which can throw off new players is the stats that some of the different races have. Simply pick whichever character appeals to you – whether that’s a towering Roegadyn or a much shorter Lalafell. Players can also purchase fantasia to change their race and appearance.

And Don’t Worry About Classes

At the beginning of FFXIV, players have a variety of different classes/jobs to choose. For someone new to the game, it can be intimidating to choose what you want to play as. Fortunately, if you don’t like the class you choose at first, you can easily pick up another. There are also other classes that players unlock depending on future levels and when you purchase other expansions. Additionally, not every class is fighting based – there are also classes for gatherers and crafters, for players that want to do something else. All someone has to do is pick up a quest, and they have that class. There are also many guides online to help you choose.

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Do Your Quests

While this might be surprising, there is so much content in FFXIV that it’s easy to completely lose track of everything else. One of the best ways to advance in the game is to do the main story quests. There are also other quests with icons that are blue, which help with unlocking further items or even content. These quests will further your progression in the game, and the more you have unlocked, the more things you have to do.

Things Will Be Slow Sometimes

Especially in the earlier parts of the game. Like most MMOs, there is always the dreaded grind. Many players will tell you that the base game, A Realm Reborn, is one of the slowest in terms of story. Fortunately for new players, the Level 50 expansion, Heavensward, is significantly better in terms of pacing – and is currently part of the free trial for new players (you’ve probably seen the meme). Leveling other classes can also be a chore, but there’s several great guides online to help you hit your next milestone.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Official Website

Don’t Be Afraid to Say You’re New

Something new players may find intimidating is dungeons. Dungeons are instances which are common in FFXIV, so new players may be thrown into something entirely new. One of the best things to do is tell your party that it’s your first time running a dungeon. You may feel bothersome doing so, but it helps other party members know how many mobs to pull and how to do the run in general. For example, if you are a new healer, the tank knows not to pull as much to make sure the party isn’t overwhelmed. Many players are also willing to help with explaining mechanics or offering other advice.

Remember You Don’t Have To Do Everything

Because there is so much content available, players don’t have to be limited to one thing. If you don’t enjoy tanking, there’s plenty of other classes to choose from. Combat isn’t your thing? Then there’s crafting and gathering. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creativity, there’s house decoration and outfits. There’s various communities available to find other players that share your interests in-game, who will always be willing to help, advise or assist.

Be Social

It can be intimidating to talk to new people, but the game is multiplayer. One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is complimenting someone’s weapon or character. Additionally, as mentioned before, there are various social hubs surrounding Final Fantasy XIV. There’s the in-game free companies, which are often recruiting, as well as party finders and other ways to meet new people. Be open, be friendly, and you’ll find it easy.

Have you been tempted to try FFXIV? Or are you an existing player? Tell us your thoughts or any of your own tips down below!