Smartphones might not seem like the best match for blockbuster superhero games, but phone technology has advanced a great deal in recent years. With their detailed screens and immersive sounds, mobile phones are the perfect homes for superheroes.

#1 Marvel Strike Force

This is one for people who enjoy classic RPG-style games. The action is turn-based and densely tactical, and this game also benefits from having an absolutely huge cast of characters. Nearly the entire Marvel universe is in here and ready to defend earth from attack. All the heroes are fully customizable and can level up, changing their skillset and appearance. You can customize their costumes and weapons too, so this is a fully interactive game. It looks gorgeous, and the graphics pop on any smartphone screen. If you’re only going to download one superhero game, this one has pretty much everything you could wish for.

#2 Batman – The Telltale Series

Batman – The Telltale Series is a masterclass in storytelling. It splits its absorbing tale over five different episodes. The first is free, and the others are available for purchased in-app. What makes this game stand out from the others, is how every decision taken by the players affects the story, for better or worse. Many modern games try to introduce an element of choice, but few do it successfully. In Batman – The Telltale Series, everything you do has tangible results. Its gritty noir style is a sight to behold, too. Most mobile games go for bombastic, 3D graphics, but Batman – The Telltale Series has an art style that is rarely seen, making it feel even more unique.

#3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

No list of superhero games would be complete without an appearance from Spiderman himself. There are plenty of Spiderman games available for mobile, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the one that truly captures the freedom and exhilaration of its console counterparts. Swinging through the city, scaling walls, and taking giant leaps of faith is a thrilling experience, especially since mobile gaming feels more immediate and personal. Combat is fluid and easily as intuitive as if playing on a console. This game is a technical marvel, but where it really excels is that sense of freedom. Few games nail what it’s like to be Spiderman, and fewer still manage to make the experience portable. That it runs so smoothly, without lag or bugs, is an even bigger achievement.

#4 Ironman II

Ironman II is an online slot, so you’ll be able to find it at casinos like Most online casinos are packed to bursting with superhero-themed slots, but Ironman II stands above the rest in terms of popularity and sheer, unadulterated fun. A new set of enemies, including Whiplash and Black Widow, spice the gameplay up no end, and the animations throughout are top-notch. Nothing on Ironman II is done purely for decoration, though. This online slot is loaded with bonus features, all of them featuring characters from the franchise. Every spin on Ironman II seems loaded with action and potential, so the slot feels particularly fast-paced.

#5 Sentinels of the Multiverse

Taking its name from the popular card game, Sentinels of the Multiverse stands alone outside the DC and Marvel universes. Not all of the characters will be immediately familiar, but that only makes the game more interesting. Every card character has its own history and complex backstory. You’ll be surprised at how much lore this game creates, and the card-playing mechanic is deeply engaging. You might just come away from Sentinels of the Multiverse with a new favorite superhero!