Profane, opinionated, and boundlessly inquisitive, the late writer Anthony Bourdain changed the world of food and travel reporting with his unique blend of curiosity, wit, and unapologetic authenticity. In the new documentary Roadrunner, Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville tells the story of Bourdain’s warp-speed transformation from line cook to a globally-renowned cultural commentator. With an often lyrical writing style that mingled punk defiance and Beat rebellion and a palate that seemed to know no bounds, Bourdain dazzled readers with his debut memoir, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and changed his own life forever.

In a story that begins in 1999, when the then-43-year-old Bourdain shocked the culinary world by revealing long-held restaurant secrets, Neville follows the quixotic path of the chef’s career, exploring the route he took to become the beloved star and award-winning creator of numerous food and travels series for television. From haute cuisine in Rome, Melbourne, and Tokyo to danger in Port-au-Prince, Kinshasa, and Beirut, Bourdain pushes himself and his crew past their limits, exploring culture and cuisine with his restless curiosity. Then, at the height of his fame, he turns his seemingly inexhaustible energy to domestic life with his wife and child and calling attention to cultural, social, and political injustices at home and abroad — before shocking the world by dying by suicide at the age of 61.

Drawing on previously unseen footage from Bourdain’s television shows, all-new interviews with his friends and family, and Bourdain’s own wry and instantly recognizable voiceovers, Neville creates an unforgettable record of an extraordinary man’s unexpected rise to stardom as a celebrity chef, book author, journalist and travel documentarian.

Roadrunner hits theaters July 16th, 2021.