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Jolt Comes To Amazon Prime Video

Jolt is a darkly funny action-thriller centering on Lindy (Kate Beckinsale), a beautiful, sardonically funny woman struggling to manage a lifelong, rare neurological disorder that causes her to react violently to anyone she witnesses being cruel, deceitful, or abusive.

In order to curb this behavior, Lindy’s trusted, esoteric physician Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci) devised an experimental vest for Lindy to wear that, when she presses a button, sends electronic shockwaves to her brain and stabilizes her until she can escape whatever has triggered her destructive impulses. Her life is one marked by an endless toggle between hope and despair as she fears she’ll never experience love or normalcy; a state of limbo that’s armed her with physical strength, biting wit, and emotional resilience.

This all changes after Lindy has a date with Justin (Jai Courtney) an unassuming accountant with whom she feels oddly safe and at ease. The two spend an intimate night together, during which Justin finds out about—and, shockingly, isn’t fazed by—Lindy’s strange affliction. In fact, for the first time in her life, she feels a real connection with a man and begins to think she could actually have a normal life.

The next day, Lindy finds out that Justin has been murdered. And just like that, her brief foray with hopefulness is replaced by a rage and madness that may prove incurable and, ultimately, deadly.

Determined to uncover answers and exact revenge for Justin’s death, Lindy finds herself enmeshed in the city’s criminal underbelly as she plays a clever cat-and-mouse game with two undeterred police detectives – Vicars (Bobby Cannavale) and Nevin (Laverne Cox) – who sense Lindy is more than just “the grieving girlfriend.” They’re right, of course, as Lindy fully embraces her newly-found inner vigilante.

But her newly-acquired fearlessness isn’t without its detriments. In a pivotal scene, Dr. Munchin encounters a desperate, almost suicidal Lindy whose manic state may no longer be helped by his methods. He has to replace Lindy’s vest, which has exhausted its healing powers.

Ignoring Munchin’s warning that her health could be in mortal danger (and the detectives’ pleas to let them do their jobs), Lindy soon finds herself the target of eccentric, elderly billionaire Gareth Fizel (David Bradley) and his security guard, Delacroix (Ori Pfeffer), who employ tortuous techniques to eliminate Lindy and, thus, hide their connection to Justin.

In a final, violent showdown where the truth behind Justin’s demise is revealed, Lindy channels her newfound strength and lifelong pain into a powerful moment of rebirth and reclamation. Determined to shed the trauma of her past – a goal made even more ambitious when a mysterious stranger from her childhood makes a last-minute appearance – Lindy embraces a feeling she’s never known: control over her own destiny.

Jolt is available on Amazon Prime Video on July 23rd, 2021.

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