When the book series, Fifty Shades of Grey came out several years ago, people were making fun of it. There was a thought of how could young women and teen girls be so into these books? But it was really for mothers, even grandmothers. And that upset people even more. 

During the height of fame for the boy band, One Direction, their fan base wasn’t just tweens and teens, it was often their moms too. 

There was a lot of judgement and wonder as to how grown women would be into these things. 

Well actually, it makes sense. 

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Fifty Shades is pure fantasy of a good-looking, successful man who likes “control in all things.”

My aunt was reading the book and my cousin was so embarrassed. But lots of women lived sheltered and normal lives. They got married, raised kids, have no real problems with their spouses, no abuse, and like to fantasize about getting a fancy car or jetting around the world. Enter Christian Grey. 

Is there harm in that? Not to me. After all, it has become pretty standard that fathers and men, in general, can live out their fantasies with publications that are a lot more commonplace. From Playboy magazine to beer commercials during the Super Bowl. 

But is it the fact that mothers are getting a piece of fantasy that is getting mainstream attention that causes such an uproar? 

(If you are wondering, I did read the book series, I had graduated college during the recession and the book was about a woman who gets a job straight out of college at the same time. For me, that was the real fantasy!)

One Direction was a band that had songs about how you “light up their world nobody else” and you are beautiful just the way you are.

Of course, a parent would approve this message and maybe like to listen and be reminded of themselves just how beautiful they are. 

When my cousin was embarrassed, I said “Listen your mom cooks, cleans, raised two kids, works hard, let her read this fantasy.” 

I think the harm is when people judge and don’t want someone else to have a little fantasy, a little fandom in their lives, regardless of their age. You never grow out of being a fan. So let’s stop shaming or being embarrassed for moms having a fandom! 

Happy Mother’s Day! Get your geek on and fantasize away, Moms!