Society6 has launched a new line of home goods with Star Wars as the theme. It’s not the usual character-shaped head mugs or a death star model. These are things you can really use with a more artistic flair. They are now offering items beyond coffee mugs like stools, wallpaper, and other household goods. We got our hands on their coffee mugs and are obsessed.

Source Society6 “Keep Calm and Droid On”

If you look for the print Keep Calm and Droid On you will see R2D2 on what looks to be Tatooine, though not the harsh landscape from the movies. It’s more of an impression but I like it. You can find it in mugs, art prints both big and small, trays and boxes, and even wall murals. I have a few of the mugs and they are a nice, quality mug. I really enjoy them.

Check out Society6. Get yourself or the Star Wars lover in your life a gift. Come for the Star Wars, stay for everything. Will you be heading over to Society6? Let us know in the comments below.

Source Society6 “MNML: YT-1300”