If you missed my article about the supernatural groups besides vampire in the Anitaverse, you can find it here.

Would a world be a world without interesting locals? It can be amazing vistas, sweeping deserts, or even winding forests. You can’t be there all the time though. We have visited them in the Anitaverse, but Anita likes being on her home turf best. We have some interesting places in St. Louis within the books. Let’s check them out a bit.

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The District~ While “The District” is not in and of itself a business, it is where most of the supernatural businesses in St. Louis are. If you are being rude, it is also known as Blood Square. Originally it was known as the Riverfront until the humans moved their businesses.

The Laughing Corpse~ This is a fairly recent development. It is a comedy club that is owned by Jean-Claude. It is managed by Willie McCoy. Willie is one of the few people that Anita knew prior to his transition to being a vampire.

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The Church of Eternal Life~ The Church of Eternal Life is owned by Malcolm. Truly, it is a church, but for the undead. It is not in the District but found on a building on Page Ave. The church is just as big, size-wise, as any other church but it lacks any religious…anything. The windows are stained glass but just pretty pictures, nothing spectacular about them. There are no crosses, pentacles, or anything. They even hold church service on Sundays. It is the fastest-growing congregation in North America.

Circus of the Damned~ It was formerly owned by a psycho named Nikolaos. Currently owned by Jean-Claude because Anita killed Nikolaos. Trust me, she had good reason. Asher is the manager. It is also located in the District. It is a full-blown circus at night. Complete with zombie raising and a mythological freak show. Below the Circus is where Jean-Claude and his kiss of vampires sleep during the day. Anita splits her time living here and living in her home.

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Dead Dave’s~ Dead Dave is a former cop. He got kicked off the force when he had the audacity to wakeup as a vampire. He owns a bar that he calls Dead Dave’s. Not terribly imaginative, but effective. Luther is the manager. It too is located in the District. Anita and Dave exchange information often. She pays for her drink, which is always just orange juice, to keep up appearances for buying the information.

I think of all of these, I want to explore the Circus. What about you? Did I miss any notable locations? Do you have anything to add to these locations? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…