Movies are a great part of our lives. They make us happy and sad, inspire us to embark on journeys to unknown lands, and become our escape when everything seems to go down. You can find a movie about literally anything and use it as a tool to get out of a crisis.

This is especially relevant for academic writers and their blocks. The writing industry knows no boundaries, starting with novel writers who spend years on their books and finishing with professional essay writers who can finish a difficult assignment in 8 hours. SmartWritingService is a great sample of such websites.

Both get writer’s blocks from time to time. Just like batteries, they need to be recharged to continue their work. Sometimes it’s the feeling of the worthlessness of what they do, while other times, it’s just general exhaustion.

If you’re in a similar situation, let us help you recharge with the 5 best movies about writers! 

Top 5 Movies About Writers

These will enchant you with interesting stories and help get your mind off the struggle. Get some popcorn, a blanket for extra coziness, and let’s begin.

Stranger Than Fiction

This is an extraordinary story that comes alive thanks to an amazing cast. Here you can see legends such as Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Another treat is Will Ferrel in an unusual role for him. We all know the actor for his humor and sarcasm, but in this movie, he’s a completely different, serious, character. 

With this movie, you will experience all the stages of the writing process, a unique interpretation of it, and the way to make your characters open from new sides on screen. It’s unique, creative, and very engaging. The movie will leave an impression you won’t be able to shake off for several days. And you won’t have to!

Midnight in Paris

If you’re more into romantic stories, this movie is a great choice for your rewind time. This is Woody Allen at his best! The movie shows a story, filled with romance and comedy, about a promising writer on a journey to the most loving and loved city of the world, Paris, with his fiancee. 

The author, played by the talented Owen Wilson, is filled with fears, a lot of writers have, no matter the genre, experience, or era. The movie takes a fantastic twist when the writer meets a lot of authors he was inspired by before their famous breakthroughs. Their stories help him overcome every doubt and fear, coming out a completely new person and giving himself a chance. 

The story is enhanced by the beauty of the French capital, which is just magical.

Swimming Pool

This movie is more of a thriller, for those who like to be on the edge of their seats, thinking of nothing more but the plot. It’s about deadlines (the most powerful thriller for a writer anyway) and inspiration in unexpected places. The main character, played by Charlotte Rampling, is nearing her deadline that comes as quickly as an express train. She has a new novel to present to her publisher, and it should become as good as her previous successful book, maybe even better. 

She goes to the countryside in France and meets a teen played by Ludivine Sagnier. As teenagers can be, she’s quite rebellious, but the writer, unexpectedly, finds inspiration and motivation in their interaction that drives her to make the book much better. The story is filled with mystery, as well.


The name of the movie says everything. Oscar Wilde is one of the most unique and famous writers in the world. This story highlights certain parts of his personal life, where a lot of writers can find similarities or explanations to some of their questions. 

The author appreciated beauty in everything, was quite witty and painfully honest in his works. This movie can help you gain a new understanding of the world of writing, personal crisis, and more. Besides, you’ll find out a lot of new information about the writer, which is always interesting.

Shakespeare in Love

For everyone who loves pretty things, this is an incredibly beautiful movie. It stars Gwyneth Paltrow and is a special film in her life. The actress won an Academy Award for it! This is a drama-comedy about a writer that everyone around the world knows.

We learn about Shakespeare in school, and some continue to do it due to their major or sheer interest in this extraordinary person and a talented writer. The movie is highly entertaining and beautiful, shot in a traditional British manner. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, this film is a must-watch!

Why Netflix?

You can choose a service that’s more convenient for you, but Netflix is one of the leaders at the moment. There are a lot of functions, a great variety of movies for any taste. The interface is also aesthetically pleasing, not to mention reasonable prices!

We love this streaming service to pieces and watch all the movies there if we can find them. 

You can add more movies about writers to the list, of course. The most important thing is to have the time to watch them and find inspiration there. Relax, get your favorite food, ask friends to come by, and make it a movie night. The deadlines will wait, and believe us, you’ll find that motivation after one or more such beautiful movies!