One of the biggest trends in gaming has been a merging between platforms. The Nintendo Switch represents the personification of handheld gaming and console gaming melding together. Modern games such as Fortnite and Minecraft continue to blur the boundaries between traditional PC games and mobile gaming. Could we expect a real blurring of different gaming platforms going forwards?

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The Blurring Lines of Console and PC Gaming

The release of Bright Memory for the Xbox Series X represents to some a real blurring between the worlds of PC gaming and console gaming. The Xbox game features PC-style graphics settings through the options menu. PC fans lauded the fact that consoles were borrowing from their level of customization when usually consoles dictated PC trends. But some suggest that the potentially complex features that the options menu presents detracts from the console’s ease of play.

PC gamers are used to configuring settings, but console gamers are expecting a smoother journey. The blurred lines between the PC and Xbox Series X don’t stop there. Assassin’s Creed has enabled the use of a keyboard and mouse for the game on the Xbox. Bridging the gap between PC gaming and console gaming by allowing PC features on a console shows that the future of gaming will rely on a marriage of the best of both worlds.

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How Has Mobile Gaming Helped Blur These Lines?

One of the culprits for this blurring of the lines has been the rise of mobile gaming. The ease of access when playing on smartphones has led to a proliferation of gamers in general. Mobile gaming actually represents more than half of all gaming revenue, surpassing every other kind combined. This figure is going to grow starker as mobile appeals to ‘light’ gamers who may dip in and out, of who investing in a console would be out of the question.

It’s not just video gaming that is seeing a surge in mobile engagement. As WDW Bingo shows with their commitment to mobile gameplay, even traditional desktop entertainment such as online bingo has found demand and appetite on smartphones and tablets. Each site is quick to point out their mobile accessibility, showing that it does represent a point of competition and could push the customer towards one site over another.

The Future of Gaming

Seeing the best features from one type of gaming benefitting another is a good thing for the industry. Rather than act as individual silos, acting as one unit could help the industry weather the storm that the future may bring. Going back to the Nintendo Switch, which utilizes the benefits of console gameplay and the portability of a handheld, it seems a fitting example of what the future of gaming may look like.

The future of gaming entertainment is likely going to be a mixture of different platforms and formats working together. The best way to keep each aspect of gaming alive is to see how it works in conjunction with other formats. Console gamers may benefit from configuring settings as PC gamers do, as PC gamers are being given a concession through their controllers. The industry is stronger when the different aspects of it work together – even if this does lead to a blurring of the lines.