Verdant Village is a farming simulator similar to traditional Harvest Moon games, with eight-bit style graphics set in Amberglen. Players can build their farm from the ground up adding new buildings, grow unique crops, and eventually sell their harvest. If growing vegetables isn’t your thing, you can buy and raise animals such as chickens or cows. If traditional animals aren’t really your thing, you can even grow silkworms and oysters. Aside from tending to the farm, players can also venture out into the world and engage in fishing, mining, and discovering new lands. If staying close to home is more your thing, one can forge relationships with the villagers and even find love.

Chicken coop

Source: Verdant Village

Verdant Village is currently in its alpha stage; however, that does not mean there isn’t a plethora of content. With over one hundred types of fish to catch, ore to smelt, and a variety of meals to cook, players can always find something to do. If the call to adventure is strong, players can search for hidden lore and discover secrets about the world as well as complete quests for fellow villagers. What I’m saying is there is so much to do but even more features to come! These include hunting, alchemy, combat, and an extended world to explore.

Raising crops

Source: Verdant Village

Overall, while Verdant Village is still in its infancy, it’s a beautiful game that holds promise. The trailer gave me total Rune Factory vibes, and everywhere from the bog to the beach piqued my interest. While I adore nearly all farming games, the idea of raising silkworms tickled my fancy. There also appears to be a great deal of customization available to decorate one’s home. In the end, I look forward to the full release of Verdant Village and encourage everyone to give it a peek!