Jughead Vs. Bret

The dual was on and that meant Bret’s prestigious powerful ego was on the line. I believe there is more to Bret than what it seems. He acts as if he is worried about making it known that he is above jughead despite his win as the new Baxter brother’s ghostwriter, but I believe that there is something else that he’s after. Perhaps Betty. It’s a weird theory, but in this episode, Betty has been caught twice trying to find dirt on Bret and she didn’t face any consequences. I thought that he may have held out on scorning her because she is already suspended from school, stripped of her school journalism career, and has been served with a restraining order by Bret. It’s odd that Bret wants to constantly one-up Jughead, but secretly wants to be like him. Bret is already rich and privileged but is easily threatened, by someone who doesn’t have those luxuries, but pure intellect and talent. He wants to be adored, the man of the school, the Baxter Brother’s Ghostwriter, and Betty’s man.

When Jughead announced that the two were going to have a dual, I honestly thought that it would involve horses and real swords. I just watch too many shows with dragons and knights. Instead, Jughead and Bret went on to have a fencing match, a brawl, and later a chess match. Bret is not very good at fighting, but he is a mastermind in psychological warfare. I was surprised that he didn’t try to throw Jughead off of his game during the chess match, especially since Betty was there. Jughead finally threw in the towel and decided to leave Stonewall Prep. Bret won the dual, but the war isn’t over.

  Uncle Franks Threat

Ever since Archie’s Uncle Frank came to Riverdale, Archie has had a lot more problems on his hands. To me Archie has become a man in his father’s image, but much better. His need to help others has become troubling, but he did not ask for this. An old friend of Frank and Fred came to Riverdale to kill Frank. This wasn’t known until AFTER Archie welcomed Ted in his home with his Uncle Frank. I was confused as to why he would go after Archie when he wanted Frank. He even went to Riverdale High to beat up Archie, which made me question the school’s security. How is Riverdale High even safe? Will Archie ever be safe? His new attitude about life has brought so much pain and disappointment, I’m unsure how he will continue to go on.

Betty And Alice

men of honor 2

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I was a little thrown off by Alice’s sudden interest in helping Betty. I did also consider the fact that she was also the reason why Betty is now looked down at by the school and shamed for cheating. Even if Alice was just trying to help clean up the mess she made, she is a horrible sidekick to Betty. I don’t think anyone will ever compliment Betty like Jughead does and it’s because they are a one and only kind of duo. It was so irritating watching the scenes of Betty and Alice snooping around for dirt on Bret and constantly get caught. It wasn’t once, but twice! At least when Betty and Jughead snoop, they get some evidence, these two didn’t get anything besides a tape of Donna speaking her society confession. The catch to this was that it was the same “poor me” speech that she told Betty that included her accusing Mr.Clipping of having an affair with her.

When Betty pointed out how rehearsed her speech sound, it changed my perspective about the entire Jughead murder mystery. Donna could be underestimated and overlooked as a suspect because she plays so innocent, but it’s a possibility that she plays a role in Jughead’s murder. Much like Bret, I believe Donna wants Betty out of the picture. Even if she is a suspect, it still doesn’t explain Jughead’s death leading to Betty and her friends burning their clothes and Jughead’s beanie. There are some puzzle pieces still missing.

The Lodge Family Back Together Again

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It’s official Ronnie is going to Nyc for college. This is the only student other than Jughead that has their sh** together. Her family might be toxic, psychotic, and downright crazy, but Veronica is smart. This was the first time in the entire four seasons that I’ve seen Ronnie act like an actual rich girl. When she linked up with her old friend in Nyc, she realized that everything she was going through with her father was stupid. I figured that the rum war wasn’t going to last long, but I didn’t expect for Hiram to come down with a disease. This man has survived so much, but this we can only hope. I guess he isn’t as immortal as he acts. Hopefully, this eyeopening news will inspire Hiram to be a better father instead of an evil overlord.

Rating 3.5/5

I loved this episode because of the discovery of Donna’s tape and the possible factor of her being involved in Jughead’s death. It made this season less predictable because we’re all pointing fingers at Bret because of his obvious villainous attitude, but we didn’t think to worry about her. For all we know, Donna could be smarter than all of them. She could’ve won an oscar for the amazing performance she put on in front of Betty and the confession camera. I also loved seeing Veronica rekindle her relationship with her father, even though they’re all annoying. I wish I would’ve seen more of Donna being sneaky so that we could start formulating who she truly is underneath the fake smile. I also wish I would’ve seen Betty and Alice get more on Bret instead of absolutely nothing. Alice may be a great journalist, but she is a horrible detective with Betty.