The cameos continue, but the story seems to bog down just a bit. In this episode we are reintroduced to the original CW Superman, as Iris, Clark, and Lois jump to the Earth where the early 2000’s Smallville took place. It actually provides a nice bit of closure to that series as we find that Clark (Tom Welling) has given up his powers for the benefits of a normal life.

We also get our first live action look at Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse as Kate and Kara, jump to Earth 99 to recruit that Earth’s Batman to become apart of the fight to save the multiverse.



He is played by the legendary Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Batman the Animated Series and a number of the DC animated movies. He has also appeared as Bruce Wayne in the Titans. This interaction also gives us a hint that the Conroy is the version of Bruce Wayne that Kate knows from her Earth. We also find out that this Batman has been broken down by years of battles and has become disillusioned and homicidal.

While these two teams are running around the multiverse looking for Batman and Superman to come help save the day, Barry is being Barry and working with Constantine, Sara, and Mia to find a functioning Lazarus Pit, to bring Oliver back from the dead.  I love Barry and I love that they make him such a caring and loving person, but this seems like an unnecessary use of time and energy.

We also finally get our first look at Brandon Routh reprising his role of Clark/Superman from the 2006 Superman Returns.



As can be seen in the set photos, the backing of his emblem is black, so I’m not sure if this is the same Superman and this is his way of mourning the many loses that occurred on his world or if this is a different version of Superman.

The Monitor also reveals to the team that Lex Luthor is still alive and has a “role to play” in saving the multiverse. It appears that this role is to allow him to run around killing the different versions of Superman to help expedite Clark, Lois, and Iris’s search for the one they need? Yea, that doesn’t work for me either…but he’s the immortal…right? As the show closes we see that apparently the Monitor’s powers have begun to deplete which in turn has begun to make the Anti Monitor more powerful, which mean that Harbinger now apparently serves him.