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“The Kominsky Method”-Season 2 Recap Pt. I

Golden-age friendships can be hilarious. #TheKominskyMethod
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I confess: I’d never heard of The Kominsky Method when it won a slew of awards earlier this year. A show about a geriatric friendship didn’t scream “must see tv” to me. During the Winter doldrums known as hellatus, I stumbled upon this gem while browsing for something to watch.

I binged the 8 episodes in about 3 hours.

It doesn’t hurt that each episode is only about 25 minutes. There’s such a short amount of time, the writing is impeccable and the performances pristine. There’s no time to be anything less than spot on.

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In season 2, BFFs Sandy Kominsky and Norman Newlander are back to their old shenanigans: having lunch everyday at Frank & Musso’s, running their respective businesses and attending multiple funerals for their many associates. It’s a part of getting older-friends, acquaintances, enemies, they all age and they all die. At the umpteenth funeral they’ve attended within the last 6 months, Norman reconnects with an old girlfriend, Madelyn (Jane Seymour). It’s a delicate situation for him, with the love of his life passing away 2 months previously.

The connection is immediate and obvious; Sandy (former playboy that he is) encourages Norman to pursue a relationship with Madelyn. She’s beautiful, witty, independently wealthy and available, having been widowed for several years. It seems to be a positive match…if only Norman wasn’t seeing and holding conversations with his dead wife, Eileen.

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As for Sandy, he’s still doing his thing as an acting coach and reformed ne’er-do-well. His acting class is a mixed bag: actual talents, mediocre players and the truly terrible thespians. One thing they all agree on: they’re all going to make it in the business. Even when Sandy gives them the harsh realities of how working actors actually survive, it doesn’t deter his students (which is good because their tuition keeps the lights on).

On the personal side, his daughter Mindy is in a serious relationship with an older man, a fact which Sandy doesn’t particularly care for. It’s hypocritical to say the least: Sandy has dated his fair share of the very young but when it’s his little girl, it’s a giant issue. Considering Mindy’s boyfriend (whom she’s living with) is only about 10 years younger than her father, there could be some daddy’s issues at work. But I’m no expert *snickers*.

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The Kominsky Method is strong through and through but at its beating heart is Sandy and Norman’s friendship. With Norman complaining about Sandy’s favorite drink (diet dr. Pepper and Jack Daniels) and the oldest waiter in the world Tony shaking his way to bring their order, golden-age friendships are a sight to behold.

Binge The Kominsky Method seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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