I couldn’t wait for October 18 which was when Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil hit the theatres. I missed my opportunity to watch the first one, so I bought it on blu-ray DVD and instantly fell in love. Maleficent was the first Disney movie that I actually liked that didn’t have musical numbers or choreography. Nevertheless, the film was still enjoyable to watch and family-friendly. As seen in the first movie, Maleficent isn’t just about the story of sleeping beauty or as she calls her “beasty” it’s about a twisted tale that made a beautiful harmonious fairy turn dark and cruel thanks to a greedy man who stole her wings and broke her heart. We all expected Aurora to be awaken by the true love’s kiss from a man, but it was Maleficent’s kiss that broke her curse.

It was wonderful to see Maleficent love again and she continued to care for Aurora as her own,  but as time went by, the story of Maleficent spread throughout the kingdom like wildfire and she has still pronounced a villain. I found it ironic how she was still looked at as a bad person after caring for a human, staying in her own land, and delivering the kingdom of a selfish king. She made one mistake by cursing Aurora and has been judged by everyone else for the rest of her life. That makes everyone else hypocrites. In a way it made the human race seem idiotic and foolish for wanting another species to be hurt and outcasted.

In the movie, we saw the beautiful proposal of Aurora and Phillip. From the trailer, assumed that Maleficent didn’t want her daughter to be wedded because of her experience with Stephen,  but she gave him and his family a chance. The king was happy and hopeful to unite as one, but once again someone in the royal family came for Maleficent’s neck. It was Phillip’s mother that provoked her inner rage and decided that she didn’t want to be united with a family like his. As the story went on we learned that Phillikp’s mother is the real mistress of evil. She carried a well thought out plan to kill the farries and Maleficent, but this time she brought back up.

My favorite part of this movie was watching Maleficent discover her roots. In the last movie we found out she was the only fairy of her kind roaming the lands, but we discovered that her species needed her more than Aurora did. I love how Disney incorporated a variety of different colors, sizes, and shapes into the fairy people. Even the babies were adorable. I grew to love Conall who wished to restore peace and harmony for his people. It killed me inside to see him pass, but eventually Maleficent avenged him with his wishes.

This movie deserves a 5/5 star rating for its amazing graphical features, storyline, and morals. No matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, you deserve to be loved in an environment of peace and harmony. Although Maleficent never got her happily-ever-after, I loved watching her be supportive of Aurora when she received hers. I love Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and feel like no one could do it better than her. It’s actually eye-opening to know that Maleficent wasn’t a villain at all the kingdom built her to be one when she was just actually hurt. I hope that Disney will make more movies similar to this one or just a movie about all of the villains. Villians matter too!

*If you haven’t already, go watch the first Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil. You won’t be sorry.*