We have arrived. The very last Game of Thrones Comic Con panel that will ever be occurring at San Diego or any other Comic Con for that matter. It was an enjoyable watch but not the most riveting thing that could have been. They sadly didn’t dive into some of the biggest and most intriguing Fan Theories that didn’t end up occurring, or that flat-out weren’t commented on…. (Night King’s backstory and potential relation to the starks being the main intriguing puzzle that’s left unsolved.) But there were many laughs and many cheeky-jibes between the actors on the panel, a lot of good-natured ribbing. One of the enjoyable suggestions for Spin-Offs was definitely Liam’s “Better Call Davos!”


Varys commenting on the petition he started and how he had no regrets, along with answering the question, was his character Varys trying to poison Daenerys’ food. When his little bird comes in and tells him “the queen won’t eat.” And he responds – “try again later.”… Yes is the answer. He’s attempting to do this before he’s killed. He knew that he couldn’t get through to Jon Snow or Tyrion because they were both in love with Daenerys, in their own ways, and that blinds people’s judgement. He as an actor was quite happy with it, commenting that – “There are ways to get fired, and that was one of the best.”


There was a certain amount of damage control that seemed to be happening – in regard to the final series narrative arc. Though this is to be expected – as a lot of nostalgia takes place in wrapping up so many years of building this show and working with these people. And a certain amount of defensive protectiveness from everyone involved in it is to be expected, spending a decade of their lives on something like this.


All in all there were some ups, downs and middling moments, but a few choice questions brought out some compelling times. For example, Jacob’s (Grey Worm’s) response as to why didn’t Grey worm kill Jon Snow after he confessed to killing Daenerys was pretty endearing =



Although a lot of Bran Stark GOT theories weren’t commented on or discussed, Isaac did respond to the countless fan and critic’s who wondered if Bran Star had in fact seen everything happening and let it all occur and fall into place which ends up with his ascending the throne. “I don’t think he knew everything. His vision of the future is a bit cloudier. His vision of the past is completely clear and knows all but not in regard to the future. And i liked that it didn’t conclude everything completely. It’s left open. The kingdom’s in disarray. Arya’s going off travelling, Sansa’s Queen of the North and Bran is King. All of these have the potential for spin off’s like a beginning point.”


Included are a selection of the cast’s chosen ‘favourite lines’ from the entire series as they were highly emotive. By far the most interesting and compelling answer given was that of John Bradley’s (Samwell Tarly) =

“I’ve always like lines of dialogue that tell a complete story outside of their own entity that is the sentence. – “I always wanted to be a wizard.” The more you learn about Sam the more you realize what a story that line tells about his character, because you’re dealing with somebody who’s childhood was so tough, brutal and unforgiving. That he had to create this alternative reality for himself (wish fulfillment) to exist in. he wanted to be a wizard because he wanted something other than what he was. Idea of him going to bed and lamenting that he’s still the same and hasn’t changed. Those kinds of worlds are created by people who find reality tough and find the body that they inhabit a tough place to inhabit. It’s a funny line on the surface but the more you learn about him + his childhood the more you realize what he came from and what he’s grown out of.”

Followed closely by Isaac’s “Chaos is a ladder” – “I think that kind of sums up a lot of the world in Game of Thrones and how you get ahead in it.”

But, in regards to the most baller, baddass choice of a favourite line, Liam Cunningham’s (Davos) took home that prize = “Nothing fucks you harder than time”.


By far the best moment from the entire panel – was Conleth’s (Varys’) response to the panel and audience – after each of the actors had been asked if any of them had stolen something from set. Sir Davos admitted to stealing a range of things, Bran, a little piece of memorabilia. But hands down. Varys responds with “I stole most of the scenes I was in.” MIC DROP. And on that classy note, we conclude our thoughts and comments on the panel.

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