The Vampire Dairies The Struggle Volume 2 By L. J. Smith

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The Struggle picks up in the same moment The Awakening leaves off. Elena is PISSED of at Damon because she figures it was him that took Stefan when he disappeared. The police were already looking for him in regards to Mr. Tanner’s death because Tyler started the high school kids thinking that Stefan was the murderer.

Elena is frantic with worry for Stefan and almost froze to death. Once she warmed and realized she was trapped in her house she went to bed. She finally breaks down and asks Bonnie and Meredith for help. Once Bonnie goes into a trance and connects to Stefan they sneak out of the house and Matt catches up with them. Once they find Stefan Elena knows he needs blood to heal.

Back at school Elena becomes an outcast. Nobody will meet her eyes. Remember Elena’s diary? Someone had stole it. Now someone is teasing her about it by leaving notes with Elena’s own words. Elena, Caroline and a guy named John were in the Founder’s Day parade which is when they planned to grab Elena’s diary back.

Damon keeps pressing his suit to make Elena his Queen of the Shadows. Elena loves Stefan and doesn’t want any part of Damon’s offer. Damon keeps inserting himself in social setting in Elena’s life much to her frustration. Now even Aunt Judith is pressing Elena to break up with Stefan and take up with Damon.

Can Elena withstand the pressure to break up with Stefan? Can they make it work? Does Elena get her diary back? Read the book and let me know what you think of the series so far. Till next week…


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