The Vampire Diaries The Awakening Volume 1 By L. J. Smith

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Elena Gilbert just returned home from France. Even though it has been three years since her parents have passed, she forgets (or hopes they will be), just for a moment, that her parents won’t be there to greet her. She’s a senior at Robert E. Lee High School in Fell’s Church and Queen of the school at that. She is having the strangest sensations.

Once Elena gets to school she better, She sees her friends Meredith and Bonnie. A newcomer shows up just as it is time to get to class. Elena is intrigued. She wants to know more. Caroline takes Elena by surprise with her venom. Elena breaks up with Matt so she can pursue the new boy Stefan who lives in the boarding house outside town.

Weird stuff starts happening in Fell’s Church. An old man is attacked. The girls are scared stupid by something that they don’t understand and Bonnie’s blossoming Druid heritage scare the bejeezus out of herself. Little do they know there really is evil in Fell’s Church. They are even attending school with a vampire. Elena herself is doing everything she can to get that very vampire to be her boyfriend, Stefan.

Stefan continues to avoid and brush Elena off. This is not something she is accustom to. Stefan thinks if he stays away from her she will be safe. She reminds him of his own first and only love Katherine. Katherine is the one who made Stefan who he is.

But something else is out there. Who or what is it. Someone is using Power, but who? Can Stefan keep Elena away? Or will she find out who and what he is? Read The Vampire Diaries The Awakening and let me know your thoughts! Til next week…


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