How weird was that previous episode? Lilith’s little ticks certainly gave everyone a scare, but now it’s time to bring it all back home and focus on the bigger picture that is Sabrina. As seen throughout both season, Fastus Blackwood has an addiction to control. Most of his plans have been ambushed by Sabrina, but it doesn’t stop there. Everything you need to know about father Blackwood is revealed on this episode of “Blackwood”.

Wedding Bells

We know that Zelda doesn’t love Fastus and insisted that she agreed to marry him for power, but several warning was shown throughout this episode making it known that it’s a mistake. It’s clear as day how Fastus views women and isn’t exactly a loving and caring husband. He even disowned his own daughter for a long time and refused to give her the Blackwood name for crying out loud. When the Weird Sisters informed him of his dream about the bloodshed on the day of the wedding, I knew he was doing it for a reason. After all, he does have hate for Spellmans. Zelda was used as a pawn piece in his game, Luckily Sabrina caught on to it right away. It was also revealed that any man that ever gets to close to Father Blackwood somehow ends up dead. As much as Sabrina didn’t want Zelda to go through the marriage, it didn’t stop her from going to the altar. In this case, Denial was her biggest mistake because the man she married is actually a dark fraud.

A Dark Warning

The wedding continued to bring warnings to the Spellman family including visits from the dead. Sabrina’s father Edward Spellman paid her a visit while she hung out with Nick in the lounge. The dark secrets that Father Blackwood hides behind his high priest authority came to light. No matter how many times her family will try to convince her that her parent’s death was accidental, it was Fastus Blackwood who killed them. Her parents weren’t just on any plane ride, they were going to propose a manifesto to the anti-pop that would reform the church of night and go against everything that Father Blackwood stood for. He couldn’t allow such a thing to happen so he made it his duty to make sure the manifesto was never presented and created one of his own to deliver to the anti-pope on his wedding eve. I knew father Blackwood had something to with Sabrina’s parent’s death. it explained his constant obsession with tearing her down and not allowing her to ascend even though it’s the Dark Lord’s bidding.

Sabrina Vs. Blackwood

With the help of Nick and Ambrose, Sabrina was able to retrieve her father’s original manifesto and presented it to the antipope. He agreed to look both of the documents over and decide which one would be the new testament of which laws. Blackwood wasn’t confident that his testament would prosper, so he made Ambrose guard the anti-pope and placed his familiar in his belly. His familiar then made him kill the anti-pope making Ambrose an automatic target. I get that Faustus is smart, but Sabrina is smarter. He will go down one way or another. I think it’s ironic that every time someone attempts to kill father Blackwood, it’s never successful. He is nothing, but a bitter control freak I think it’s insane how hard it is for everyone to see. Ambrose went from being “Top Boy” to “Top Dog” in minutes and when he tried to retaliate by trying to kill Faustus, it was prudence who stopped him. I understand that her having the Blackwood name might comfort her, but the truth is he never cared about her or anyone for that matter and never will.

Yay Or Nay

This was a five-star quality episode so it’s definitely a Yay for “Blackwood” well, you know what I mean. I love the direction that this season is taking especially leading up to Sabrina finding out more things about her parents. My favorite scene had to be when Sabrina ambushed the Blackwood wedding. Their unity is truly disgusting especially when Faustus said: “A lady has to walk behind her husband”. I bet Edward is turning over in his grave at the sight of his sister sleeping with the enemy. I was surprised that Hilda supported her so much when it came to planning her wedding since she is usually by Sabrina’s side, but she revealed her true colors when she poisoned her sister haunter with tea and cookies. How exciting is that? I hope to see Sabrina find evidence that will prove that Fastus is, in fact, a night church fraud. I also hope to see Ambrose free, he developed to be another one of my favorite characters and is wise. The chaos continues witches so stay tuned. Till next episode Guys!

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eryone a scared, but now it’s time to bring it back home and focus on the big picture which is Sabrina. As seen in throughout both seasons, Fastus Blackwood has an addiction to dominanc and control. It’s funny how his plans constanltly get shut down at the hands of a sixteen year old half which, but it