Sonic The Hedgehog Coming Soon

The movie is in theaters November 8th, 2019.
Source IMDB

Sega Genesis fans must be thrilled or at least had their voices heard! Sonic the Hedgehog from the games has made it to the Big screen in a live action movie! The movie is in theaters November 8th, 2019. Packed into this movie is Ben Schwartz as Sonic. Neal McDonough is playing Major Bennington and Tom Marsden is Tom Wachowski. Jim Carrey is playing Dr. Ivo Robotnik. This I can’t wait for!


Are you ready for this? My husband who, is annoyingly super picky about video games adapted into movies, is excited for this. The fans of the series though made a ruckus when the trailer first dropped over Sonic’s looks. The director has let fans know that Sonic will undergo a complete transformation before the final movie. What are your thoughts on this original trailer? Let me know in the comments below what you are excited about or dreading. Remember November 28th, 2019 Sonic comes out to theaters! Til next week…


  1. The original trailer is an unholy abomination and the people behind it should be ashamed of how they drew Sonic. I mean, they LITERALLY could have just transplanted the Sonic 3D model from the games into the movie. It would have worked! Shame on them

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