With Emerald City Comic Com coming up and in the beautifully green Pacific Northwest Seattle WA. and myself being a proud PNW transplant, I would show some love to some of the artist from up here. I can’t wait to walk in artist alley again this year. I think it was may favorite part. On to the artists!

Al Lukehart is scheduled to be at ECCC. Al is an artist from here in the Pacific Northwest. Al’s artwork touches the mystical and fantasy. Al is to be set up in Artist Alley DD-13.

Blacky Shepherd is a Seattle based writer and artist. Blacky does the Vampirella VS Reanimator and Pumpkinhead comics as well as some great pinups. He will be at booth V14.

Brandi York is from Seattle and is an artist that draws incredible fantasy art. She is slated to at booth Y3.

Catie Donnelly is an artist who originally from Atlanta that now calls Seattle home. She does a comic series about fat women and friendships. She can be found at booth F10.

Mark Monlux is an incredible artist I met at last year’s ECCC. He does incredible recreations and a nifty thing called Horror Bingo. Go check him out at booth PP3.

Ron Chan is an artist who lives in Oregan. He is known for his work on Plants VS Zombies. See him at booth H7.

If you’re going to go to ECCC, take a stroll through Artist Alley. I promise you won’t regret it. Are you excited to see any artist scheduled to be at Emerald City Comic Con? Let me know in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if they are from the PNW or not. Til next week…