The episode opens with what looks like a meteor crashing down into the Earth. A pair of diamond thieves encounter the snake-like creature slithering on the ground after the male person drives into the rock. They’re killed quickly, as the alien eats out their hearts….on Valentine’s day.

Throughout the episode, more attacks occur, where affluent people of National City have their jewels stolen and their hearts are eaten out. It’s discovered that a symbiotic relationship has formed, increasing the frequency of killings named Menagerie.  Menagerie is composed of an alien snake-like creature and Pamela Ferrer, a human. As a diamond broker, she brokers a deal with the alien.

Kara and Alex Danvers butt heads throughout the episode, as Alex worries for Kara’s safety when she tags along with her and other DEO agents to investigate the crime scenes. It’s bothering Kara very much that her sister can’t see past keeping Kara safe.

Brainy has an adorable encounter with Nia, wanting to bound right into training her. But it’s too soon to ask Dreamer to train after her mother recently died. Nia decides to wait a bit and Brainy agrees to attend Nia and her roommate Yvette’s Valentine’s party.

Colonel Hayley insists with every incident that they keep the alien attacks out of the press, wanting to discourage further panic amongst the human citizens of National City. Inevitably, word gets out and people are worried. The President is incensed by this and offers to work with Lena Luthor, to use her emerging super-powering giving technologies to better arm the military against alien foes.

James and Lena disagree on her methods. James can’t support Lena giving her technology to the government as a means to weaponize superpowers against aliens. This finally allows the pair to see what they’re dealing with as a couple. When Lena spontaneously offers to bring her boyfriend to Paris for Valentines, their car ride is paused when James is at an impasse with Lena, as he insists he can’t support Lena working in her grey area with the government. James exits the car and James and Lena are FINALLY broken up for good.


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Alex reveals in this episode that she has dated frequently this past summer, and even begun to fill out adoption paperwork. Kara and J’onn discuss how Alex’s worries for others have prevented her own personal progress. Alex later reveals to Kara that she needs to trust others to keep themselves safe and that Alex needs to focus on her own personal progress.

My heart broke during this episode when Alex said she hates Valentine’s, reminding me of when she and Maggie danced the night away a few years back before the two broke up over differences of wanting kids.

The Valentine’s party is a trap for Brainy, as he’s stuck dancing with Yvette multiple times, unable to break away to access data from the alien that the DEO gathered from a distance. He hides in the closet when Alex, Kara and J’onn arrive, sneaking the doors back over himself to do his work and avoid Yvette.

Kara talks with Nia in her bedroom about Nia’s worries about becoming a superhero and reminds her that she shouldn’t let her sister not supporting her efforts stymie Nia from becoming Dreamer.

After the party, Nia dreams that Supergirl will encounter Menagerie in a fierce fight, and leaves in order to assist.

Ironically, at the Heart Association’s Masquerade Ball, Menagerie attacks wealthy donors, eating their hearts and stealing watches, necklaces, and other valuables. The children of Liberty discover the information first, and even as the DEO deals with a fight inside against them, Supergirl fights off Menagerie outside. Just as Kara is almost choked by several sprouting snakes, Dreamer comes in for the rescue, cutting away what she can as Supergirl eliminates the rest with her x-ray vision.

Unfortunately, the Children of Liberty get the last hurrah as one of them slices away the alien from Pamela’s neck, eliminating the connection…or so we thought…they take credit for the fight altogether and Ben Lockwood is released from jail. The President didn’t want to have to deal with any more protests supporting Lockwood’s release.

We see that in the cell, Pamela still possesses the creature inside her neck, as she receives a letter from Manchester Black. That can’t be good…

Episode highlights:

Alex reacquaints herself with Becky, a woman whom she shared several drinks during the summer. Becky seems interested in Alex’s progress in becoming an adoptive mother, and this could become a good relationship for her.


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Dreamer’s costume is GORGEOUS!

Lena is working with the government now? But at least she dropped James for good.