Greetings casual gamers, where ever you may be, for many of us point and click adventure games have been the gateway to the gaming world. So we thought why not make a list of top 5 games for beginners to help them fall in love with the genre.

(Warning, some of these games may contain mature content so be sure to check the rating before engaging in any game play).


Photo Source: Chaos on Deponia – Daedalic Entertainment

Deponia Series

Capturing awards and the hearts of many is Daedalic Entertainment’s masterpiece, the Deponia series. There are four installments in total for the franchise, and have recently been releasing versions for consoles, but each one is beautifully created landing it on our first spot for the list.

You, the player, play as Rufus. Rufus – an enigma to us all – desperately tries to escape his home world of Deponia (a world completely filled with garbage) to Elysium (An oasis in the sky preparing to leave on a journey across space). Through a series of events, Rufus finds himself to be Deponia’s only hope from certain destruction for countless lives. This game offers creative puzzles, an interesting plot, amazing artwork and each character has their own charm.

The reasonable price tag and stellar reviews make this game a must have for beginners or any casual gamer so be sure to check it out.

Edna and Harvey Series

Also a product of Daedalic Entertainment, the Edna and Harvey Series is a wonderful piece that managed to bring horror and comedy together in harmony within this two part series. “Edna and Harvey: The Breakout” is actually due to release a 10th anniversary edition this year with re-masted art/ animations so be on the lookout or that.

We wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t enjoy dark comedy as it often revolves around it. Basically, the series starts out with a girl named Edna who has no recollection of who she is. As the game progresses, she fully learns of her past and in the second game she becomes the friend of the new main character, Lily. There is so much going on in this well illustrated/ written world that it can be difficult to fully relay in simple text. Both games have basic game play controls and only require you to solve puzzles so it is appealing to anyone looking for a chill game.

Fun and interesting with a reasonable cost, this should be a game most casual games should try once.

Inner World 1

Photo Source: The Inner World – Studio Fizbin (Developer) – Headup Games (Publisher)

The Inner World Series

The Inner World has two segments to it’s series and both are entertaining through their originality. You play as a flute nosed boy named Robert who goes on a journey of discovery.

The focus of the game play is solving puzzles with no quick time events so its a really relaxed game to play, perfect for any level gamer. There are also some fun music related puzzles which add more uniqueness to the game. Robert is a really sweet main character and his quote un-quote girlfriend Laura adds spice with her spunky attitude and sass. The two work together to explore and save their world from tyrants trying to enforce their unjust rules on others.

Help liberate a hidden world in this well made, decent priced game that takes you on a unique journey sure to please through its overall charm.

“Life is Strange”

“Life is Strange” was truly a pop culture phenomenon that managed to flock so many to its irresistible episodic game play. With the sequel currently being released in chapters, nobody can forget where this astonishing series first started.

Max Caulfield finds herself with mysteries new powers to rewind time. While most situations would have us focusing on how this happened, the game gets us to emotionally invested on what we choose to do with them. Split into five chapters, Max (you) help the residence of Arcadia Bay while trying to help herself navigate through life choices.

Episode 1 is free to play so we would definitely recommend playing it if you haven’t already just to see if it interests. The controls are easy to work with and it there is nothing to intense that a beginner couldn’t work with. We have yet to play any of the proceeding games in the series but if they are anything like the original then they deserve a quick look as well.

“The Low Road”

Indie and gorgeous, “The Low Road”, a product of XGen Studios, offered so much with its interesting plot that had audiences guessing, unique graphics that complimented the genre and who could forget the challenging puzzles.

Noomi and Turn, two corporate espionage agents, will take you through the game where there are countless secrets and lies to uncover in this world set in 1976.  The games mechanics are simple and easy to use so the main challenge is solving the puzzles correctly which can be a little difficult but worth the effort. The more you play the more you learn about this secret world of tricks. We don’t want to spoil to much for you so just know that with all this game has offers, it could make for a fun couple of hours to most casual gamers. (This game is also reasonably priced)


Photo Source: Unforeseen Incidents – Backwoods Entertainment (Developer) – Application Systems Heidelberg (Publisher)

Honorable Mentions

There are so many amazing games out there that deserve attention and we are sure this list is but a fraction of that. If nothing from our top 5 list interested you, then one of these fun games may be more your niche. (Once again, check the games rating before playing as some may contain topics/ images that are unsuited to younger audiences)

  • So Blonde
  • Gray Matter
  • Nancy Drew Series
  • The Night of the Rabbit
  • Randal’s Monday
  • Unforeseen Incidents
  • The Curse of Monkey Island
  • Still Life
  • Anna’s Quest
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter

Thank you for reading our top 5 list of point and click adventure games for beginners. Please leave a like and a comment of your favorite causal game, your thoughts on the list or even share it with someone you think will enjoy it. Be sure to lookout for more content on The Game of Nerds and follow us on social media. Once again, thank you for reading and always stay nerdy.